*It’s not all in your head*

There is something very reassuring and validating about the phrase “it’s not all in your head”. Especially when it’s told to you by a health-care professional.

Yay! I’m not crazy!

Well, maybe a little crazy. But I’m grateful to have some solid answers as to what I’ve been dealing with regarding the pain in my ass. Er, the pain in my sacroiliac joint (or SI joint) to be precise.

Earlier this afternoon I went to the chiropractor. Nothing that I was told was a surprise but it was nice to hear it nonetheless. Basically, the normal motion of the SI joint has been impaired causing pain that resides in my low back and buttocks and radiates down into the center of my hamstrings. The SI joint is meant to act as a shock-absorber and either too much movement, or not enough, can lead to issues. The location, and pain itself, is similar to sciatica pain. But I’ve had that too and this is different.

I found it interesting that this ailment is most common in young and middle-aged women. Sucks to be a young woman! ; )

Additionally, my right leg is also shorter than my left by at least a half-inch and my psoas muscles (and IT bands if I’m going there anyway) are super tight. I guess I’m not clear if either of those are a possible culprits or a symptom but since everything is connected, I’m treating those issues with a heel insert to hopefully help balance my pelvis and some strengthening and stretching exercises to help the psoas (and IT band) stuff.

No pity party here though. I’m feeling better already knowing that I’ve got some answers, and solutions, to help fix the broken bits that need some extra love. I’m stepping up the self-care game, pronto!

And then I took a selfie in the sunshine. Have a great Tuesday!


Soaking up some vitamin D.


11 thoughts on “*It’s not all in your head*

  1. I saw a chiropractor once, then did a lot of research into the science and legitimacy of it all. I was not impressed. I switched to yoga and deep stretching now. Seems good for me.

    • Interesting. I’m glad you found relief with yoga! As a yoga practitioner and instructor, I was hopeful that it would do the trick but apparently, yoga alone is not enough for me, though I believe it does compliment every mode of therapy I try. Namaste!

  2. I have SI joint problems too so I understand your pain! Glad you got an answer though. It is always such a bittersweet relief when you get a diagnosis.

  3. You must take after your mother who also has one side shorter than the other and has had pain for a number of years. Glad you’ll be able to work on some solutions.

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