*Celebrating 2 years!*

Two is the smallest and the first prime number, and the only even prime number. Despite being prime, two is also a superior highly composite number, because it is a natural number which has more divisors than any other number scaled relative to the number itself. Two is the base of the simplest numeral system in which natural numbers can be written concisely, being the length of the number a logarithm of the value of the number…

JUST KIDDING! (Thanks Wikipedia.)

I’m pretty sure I flunked math and I have no idea what a logarithm is. BUT, I do know TWO is a big deal because today, Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking is officially two years old!

Time really does fly! This website/blog was started when I decided to train for, and run, my first marathon in 2013. If you’ve followed my journey at all, you know that a huge part of running a marathon was my attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Four marathons later, in April 2014, I did qualify and will be heading to Boston in less than 7 weeks to fulfill that dream. What a ride!

What I never imagined would happen was the connections and friendships that have formed over these past two years. I’ve met so many fantastic people through this space (and beyond!) and I’m honored to have gotten to know some of you and appreciate your support, encouragement, and comments. And you lurkers out there, I appreciate you too!

To commemorate another year here at Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking, I’ve given my site a little makeover, complete with a new logo, which I commissioned Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking to create. It is lovely, no?


So CHEERS to two years and thank you! Happy running, friends!


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