*Training, cocktails, travel*

Yeah, yeah… I’ve been MIA the past few days. It’s been a busy, full weekend but I thought I’d put a few thoughts together as I put another week of training to bed.

Unintentionally, this past week became a really easy training week. No speed work, no hill repeats, no pace-pushing. Just miles and miles of slow, easy, and mindful runs. I had been hopeful after seeing my chiropractor earlier this week that I would be feeling better at this point but I’m sad to report, that just wasn’t the case. I was really worried about my long run today.

That said… apparently, the upside to running easy was that my dreaded 20-mile long run today was my fastest training run all week and one of my fastest ever long runs! As always, credit where credit is due: a huge thank you to the fine makers of ibuprofen!


What? How? Where? No way!!!

Running aside, it was a good weekend! Proof is evident in these pics I snapped:

And most exciting of all: a HUGE shout-out to Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking! He took on the role of my personal travel agent and has taken care of all of our logistics and the itinerary for our upcoming trip to Boston! I’m so grateful!!!

I’m ready for a rest day, another glass of wine, and another week of training!

Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “*Training, cocktails, travel*

  1. Way to tackle that 20 miler. Congrats! And your husband just keeps sounding more and more awesome. It’s so nice to have a partner who supports running. I can’t imagine my life without mine!

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