*GBB, Shamrock 2015 edition*

Tomorrow I will race for the first time in 6 months!

The Portland Shamrock Run is a racing tradition and I look forward to it each year. While it is a very energetic and festive event, and seemingly most runners attend for the party-like atmosphere, to me it is still a race and I treat it like such. This morning during a conversation about race prep, carb-loading to be exact, I had an ah-ha moment when I realized that my caliber of training and racing are in a totally different class than many of my running friends and counterparts. And there is NOTHING wrong with that! I mean, sure, I love St. Paddy’s Day and fun runs as much as the next gal, but a race… for this competition lovin’ girl, game on!

(You’re probably not surprised to learn that I have family and friends that hate playing cards and games with me because of my competitive nature.)

Anyway, I implemented my pre-race prep strategy this week which has resulted in a reduction of my weekly mileage by more than 20 miles! It was a really busy week and while I could always use a little more rest and sleep, I’ve been doing my best to take it a little easier the past few days to make up for it, as best I can at least. I made another trip to the chiropractor and have been stretching a ton and of course, eating well and hydrating have been a top priority too.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours working in the Portland Marathon booth at the Portland Shamrock Run Fitness Fair/Expo. (Several times during the afternoon I snuck over to the Nuun booth to refill my water bottle. WIN!)

Speaking of Nuun, how about 20% off most items when you order between now and March 26th?! Use my friends and family discount code: LuckyNuunFriends at checkout to help you stay hydrated and healthy as we move into racing season!

Back to the race and my goal(s)!ย As usual, I’ve set three *good*, *better*, and *best* (GBB) goals for myself, which are:

GOOD :: Set a new PR for the course.ย In 2013, I ran the 15k in 1:13:47. In 2014, I set a PR with a time of 1:10:28. I’d be happy with anything under last years time.

BETTER :: What I’m really hoping for though is that I can at least run the 15k at my best 5k pace which was a 7:18 minute mile, allowing me to finish around 1:08:00.

BEST :: If I’m going for the gusto, I’d love to be hitting lower 7:00 minute miles which could potentially put me finishing within the top 10 in my age group. Last year, I was the 17th finishing female in the F35-39 division, out of 860. Top 10 would be, well, pretty dang rad!!!

With that, I’m off to refill my water bottle and settle in for a little siesta. Have a great weekend and best to luck to everyone racing this weekend!!


One thought on “*GBB, Shamrock 2015 edition*

  1. I hope you had a great race. I totally understand the competitive thing. I have a hard time just doing something for fun, including last weeks 10k that I said I would just jog. My husband told me early on into our dating that he would never play checkers with me again. Sigh.

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