*That awkward moment…*

… when you view your race photos.

What would a race be without some godawful photographs to capture those special moments when you feel like you are dying, wish you were dead, or look like a bloated, drowned rat?

Bad race photos happen to the best of us.


Really? This very moment was caught on camera?

Hideous photographs aside, I think it’s super cool that the Portland Shamrock Run offers photos of each participant free of charge to use as they wish. I’ve seen race photo packages run upwards of $70. Honestly, if this is what I truly look like while I’m running, I wouldn’t pay $.70 to save that memory!


This might be okay if there was a zombie chasing me.

The consolation prize is that there is at least one picture I sort of like. I may have been miserable but fortunately, I don’t look it in my final sprint to the finish line.


The best of the bunch.

Note to self: be more mindful of photographers on the course and try to look like you’re having fun. A smile wouldn’t hurt!


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