*Run This Year*

Mileage milestones should be celebrated! That is one of the reasons I love Run This Year. Run This Year is an online community that is intended to not only challenge and inspire you to set a mileage goal for the year, but allows you to track your mileage and see what other runners are doing.

On the website, you can find information about how to set and achieve a yearly mileage goal and it can be any amount you choose. Each month you record your miles and when you hit a mileage milestone, you can print out a fun bib, like the one below, photograph yourself, and then share it for bragging rights!


600 miles, Baby! #runthisyear

Yesterday, I hit the 600-mile mark for the year (606.5 to be exact) and am proud of my accomplishment! That’s a lot of miles!

You can also find Run This Year on:




It’s not to late to set a mileage goal for this year and you can join the community at any time! Happy running!



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