*Catching up*

This week has been a fantastic assortment of mini-adventures, time with my family, birthday celebrations, and some running here and there. (You’d probably never guess that somewhere in the mix I also threw my back out. Good times. Well, not really but I’m feeling a ton better now!)

But with spring break winding down, I’m going to maximize the down time I have left before we return to the regular routine and skip the wordy recounts of the fun had. Instead, a visual display of what I’ve been up to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then I arrived home to find this:

photo (12)

Oh my!! 23 days!!

Tomorrow morning is my final long (LONG!) run and then one more mini adventure before I begin to make the final descent into my taper before the Boston Marathon. Hope you are having a lovely spring, so far, and plenty of your own adventures! xo


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