*Good, better, best*

The Boston Marathon edition.

Holy moly!

My alarm is set for 3 AM tomorrow morning as the final stage of this Boston journey begins. The culmination of more than two years of dreaming, training, running, hoping, stressing, aching, and ever other *ing* you can imagine. In five short days, I will be running one of the most prestigious marathons in the entire world.

photo (9)

A little vino to calm my pre-travel jitters. ; )

As has become tradition, I am going to share my race goals in the form of good, better, and best. This is above-and-beyond the experience of the trip itself. I’m a runner. I’m competitive. I want to go to Boston and prove that I earned my spot there. But no matter what, the trip in its entirety, will be what I can only imagine as one of the highlights of my life, regardless of how I “race”.

GOOD :: Earn another BQ. While not necessarily a PR, I’d be pleased to finish with a time that proves I deserve to be running among such incredible athletes. Anything under 3:40:00 would be a *good* finish for me.

BETTER :: But who doesn’t want to PR? I do! I would really love to beat my BQ time of 3:35:01. That’s an 8:13 average pace. I’ve run long training runs at a faster pace than that so I know it’s in me… everything just needs to come together on race day.

BEST :: Ultimately, I’d love to run a sub-3:30 marathon. Shave five minutes of my PR? Run an 8:00 average? It’s lofty, yes? But not unattainable. I’m close and hoping that Marathon Monday is the day that all of my efforts to make this race my best yet, manifest into what would be my *best* race outcome.

With that, I’m off to finish packing and then hitting the hay! Please forgive my sporadic posts over the next week… but if you’re interested in keeping up with my Boston adventures, be sure to connect with me on my social media sites, listed below. Goodnight!





9 thoughts on “*Good, better, best*

  1. Nice goals! It’s funny, I usually have my “Awesome Day, Pretty Darn Good Day, and Meh, Whatevs Day” goals. These are usually PR, BQ, and … finish. Haha!

  2. Good luck on Monday!! I’ll be there too – running for the American Liver Foundation (but I still think I deserve to be running among all other 30k incredible athletes!! Hoping for a PR but I’ll be happy just to be there!! 🙂

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