*Two outta three… a few words about Boston*

When you set a lofty goal for yourself, you will either walk away with a euphoric sense of accomplishment once it is realized, or a devastating feeling of defeat if you fail.

The past week, I’ve been marinating in the post-Boston feeling of euphoric accomplishment. I’ve always sucked at writing witty race recaps and here it is, nearly a week later, and I’m finally sitting down to share a little bit of my experience. But it won’t be in the traditional form. For once, and it’s not very often, I’ll be a girl of few words.

The Boston Marathon… the experience in its entirety… was phenomenal. It was everything I imagined it would be and more.

Most amazing was that my race, despite the nasty weather (and truly not unlike what I’m use to training in at home)… well, I achieved two out of three of my Good, Better, Best goals!!

Apparently, the Boston Marathon course is not typically a PR kind of course, but the stars aligned just so and not only did I set a new PR, I also got a BQ!

My official race time was 3:33:06.

I’m sure more will surface over the next few weeks but I’m still basking in the afterglow and figuring out what’s next! Thank you for being a gigantic piece of this journey!!


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2 thoughts on “*Two outta three… a few words about Boston*

    • Thank you! The course is definitely challenging and the weather didn’t help but I’m really pleased with my performance. And after two awful marathons last year, it has restored my confidence too.

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