*April adventures*

April Review:

Total miles: 165.75

Longest run: 26.2 (26.41 according to my Garmin. Oops.)

Total days running: 23

YTD mileage: 855.75

Some of my favorite April moments included:

  • A visit from my sis-in-law and nephew. Always so nice to have them close for a few days!
  • Finishing up training for the Boston Marathon. Tapering felt like such a sweet reward for those long months of training!
  • Watching my speedy daughter kick ass on the track. I had never been to a track meet until just last year when she decided to join her high school team. So fun to watch her compete!
  • Creating a new partnership with an outstanding company that makes delicious, raw, whole food fruit and vegetable shakes. I’m excited to have Left Coast Raw on my team!
  • A wonderful pre-Boston dinner out courtesy of my parents to celebrate my accomplishment.
  • BOSTON. Words cannot do my experience justice. It was an AMAZING trip and an AMAZING race. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Saying goodbye to our beloved Airstream. Not necessarily a favorite moment but a big one nonetheless. So many great memories in the few short years we had her.
  • Volunteering with one of my favorite running programs, Run Girl Run. Coaching and mentoring young runners is such a huge passion and it’s an honor to be involved with this program.
  • My new tattoo! Which I LOVE!
  • New,  *real* running shoes for Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking. He’s been putting in some serious miles and will be running his first half marathon, the Youngberg Hills Half Marathon, in just a couple of weeks. It was high time he get fitted for a pair by a specialist.

A few random photos from my April adventures…

And now May is officially here. A super busy one at that. We are preparing for my daughters graduation from high school early next month and all of the activities that come with it, a few fun mini-adventures, and lots of running!

Happy May!!


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