*The madness that was May*

May Review:

Total miles: 152.75

Longest run: 13.1

Total days running: 26

YTD mileage: 1,008.25

Some of my favorite May moments included:

  • Celebrated 19 years of marriage to Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking!
  • Commemorating said celebration with a “Cheese and Whiskey” night. Richard Cheese (Google him if you haven’t experienced the loungtastic stylings of Dick Cheese) and whiskey cocktails made for a fun night!
  • Oh, and then there was a new tattoo…
  • Wine night with my office mate. Someone who loves wine as much as I do? Salud!
  • A fun urban adventure run with a running community friend. I even won a pair of compression socks!
  • The worst run in my history of running (exaggerating? maybe.) but I still really enjoyed the Hippie Chick Half Marathon. Especially the post-race mimosa!
  • A fantastic day of hiking and exploring Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood with my loves to celebrate Mother’s Day!
  • Watching my daughter perform in her last state band competition. I bawled the entire time.
  • Spending some time representing one of my favorite local events, the Portland Marathon, at the Rock n’ Roll Half race expo.
  • Running my 10th half marathon with Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking, which was his first ever race! Automatic PR for him and we both won first place in our respective age divisions. The Youngberg Hill Half Marathon was a beautiful, albeit challenging, race and one I hope to run again!
  • A Monday afternoon mini-adventure to my favorite place on the planet! Spending an afternoon relaxing in hot springs, in the middle of nowhere, is pretty much my perfect day.
  • Drinks with my mom! We celebrated a belated Mother’s Day with a girls night out with drinks and dinner!
  • A visit to one of my other happy places, the farmers market! I scored some peonies, bee pollen, Oregon hazelnuts, and a few veggies for dinner.
  • Witnessing both of my kids wrap up their band seasons with awards.
  • And finally, a girls weekend with my own girl! Her graduation gift was a trip to watch her coach/mentor/friend compete in the Crossfit West Regionals. Regardless of the sport, it is so inspiring to witness an athlete pursue their dreams. Not only did she perform well, she finished in second place (out of 40 female competitors), and secured a spot at the Crossfit Games in July. Such a huge accomplishment and amazing to witness her achieve her dream!

June has started out with a bang! The Crossfit Kid is now licensed to drive and graduates this week. Whoa!


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