June Review:

Total miles: 115.25

Longest run: 13.1

Total days running: 24

YTD mileage: 1,123.5

Some of my favorite June moments included:

  • Watching my daughter finish her final days of high school, being awarded a scholarship, and graduating high school. (Plus, finally getting her driver’s license the same week!)
  • Celebrating her graduation with an abundance of family and friends. I’m so grateful for our tribe!
  • Soaking up some knowledge from a few work training sessions that I didn’t think would interest me but I was pleasantly surprised that they did.
  • Being treated to a pedicure by my daughter!
  • An early morning coffee date with my mom.
  • Getting to run, and have coffee with, one of the most prominent names in the world of running, Mr. Runner’s World himself, Bart Yasso!
  • Running trails at Silver Falls State Park on a warm Monday evening after long day of work training. Bliss is me on a trail!
  • Heading to Central Oregon for a fun weekend with friends that included running the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival.
  • Enjoying tons of time cooling off in swimming pools.
  • Stopping on our way home from Central Oregon at a really fun little winery that happens to make my favorite sangria.

July is looking to be a pretty eventful month but I’m committed to slowing down and savoring every second! And having more adventures is spaces like this:


Trail run at Silver Falls State Park


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