*Portland Marathon Ambassador*

A few days ago I received some super exciting news from the Portland Marathon! They invited me to be an ambassador for the 2015 race, which will be held on October 4th!! (Welp – – guess that means I need to start training! HA!)


I knew immediately after running it in 2013 that it would be a race that I would run over and over again. The mostly flat course winds through several Portland neighborhoods and provides some of the best views Portland has to offer. Every detail of the race, from the entertainment along the route to the tree seedling that they give participants at the finish, makes the event one to remember!

It is such an honor to be able to share this great event with my readers and I’ll be doing more of that in the days to come! I will note that registration usually fills about August so if you’ve been considering running the Portland Marathon, you might want to sign up soon! (It is a great destination race too! The areas surrounding Portland include fantastic sightseeing and hiking opportunities in the Columbia River Gorge, easy day trips to our beautiful beaches, and of course world-class wines in the Willamette Valley!)

I want to extend a huge THANKS to the great folks at the Portland Marathon for welcoming me into their family!

Speaking of family, I’m heading out for a little family adventure for a few days. I won’t be posting while I’m gone but if you care to follow my shenanigans, you can find me on Instagram. Have a great weekend!!


4 thoughts on “*Portland Marathon Ambassador*

  1. Awesome.!!! I know that someday I’ll do that race 🙂 not this year though. haha. Congrats

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