*Weekly mileage ~ July 6-12*

Mileage for the week of July 6th – 12th

Total weekly mileage: 39.75

Total July mileage (to-date): 60

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 1,183.5

Run review:

7/6           52:09 min./6.25 mi./8:21 pace

7/7           33:39 min./4 mi./8:25 pace

7/8            33:52 min./4 mi./8:28 pace

7/9            1:05:44 min./8 mi./8:13 pace

7/10          53:42 min./6 mi./8:56 pace

7/11          35:56 min./4.25 mi./8:27 pace

7/12          1:00:26 min./7.25 mi./8:20 pace

One of the great joys of being a runner is the opportunity to explore new places on foot whenever you travel. I love running when I travel. It provides such a great way to get familiar with an unfamiliar area, check out local sights, and perhaps even offer new challenges.

For the second time in just a few weeks, I got to spend a few days in one of my favorite areas in all of Oregon. Central Oregon, made up of the communities of Sunriver, Bend, Redmond, and Crooked River Ranch (among others) is my dream playground and I always look forward to spending time there.

I was able to get in a few challenging runs in while I was visiting. The dry climate, heat, and elevation (about 4,000 feet) are quite different from what I’m accustom to running in. But it’s always a nice, and much welcome, change of pace.

A must-visit destination, if you ever happen to be in the area, is Smith Rock State Park. I took my son and his buddy there for a hike on Friday morning. We did the most difficult of all of the trails that takes you up and over the “rock”, past the famous “Monkey Face”, and along the Crooked River. We saw a rattle snake, a bald eagle, and lots of rock climbers scaling the famous walls that draw climbers from all over the world. Such a great place to experience the gift nature has given us!

At any rate, it was a great weekend with great friends and some fun little adventures. Plus, we celebrated another trip around the sun for Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking.


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