*Runner’s feet*

When was the last time you thought about your feet? Like, really thought about them?

Do you know that our feet each have 26 bones in them? I find it pretty incredible that such a small structure supports so much weight and activity. Especially for us runner’s.

Us ladies are usually a little more on top of our foot care game. With sandal season in full swing, you’d be hard pressed to find ten toes that haven’t been pedicured to perfection.

I for one, however, have been avoiding professional pedicures like the plague. Mainly because I’m a do-it-yourself kinda chick and would prefer to save my money for other things. But the other reason is, well, my runner’s feet. I’m always either missing a toenail or will be soon. I’ve feared that, in the case of the latter, I’d freak the poor pedicurist out should one fall off while they where tending to me.

That all said, every once in a blue moon I like to splurge. And in this case, the motive behind going for a pedicure wasn’t a selfish one because I was planning to treat Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking to one too! As part of his birthday gift, I scheduled pedicures for both of us to be enjoyed together. (And just so you know, it wasn’t his first pedicure!)


Listen up, guys! There is no shame in treating yourself to a pedicure!

The point I’m trying to make is, that regardless of gender, I think foot care, whether do-it-yourself or professionally done, is really, really important. As runner’s, we place so much demand on our feet. Hundreds and hundreds of miles can take their toll so I think we need to give more special care to protect them and keep them healthy so we can continue to run and enjoy doing the things we love!

If, like me, you are at risk of losing a toenail, I would suggest that you let your pedicurist know before they get started. The gal that did mine took caution and was careful and gentle. It definitely helped me overcome my fear of freaking them out… I’m sure they’ve seen worse, after all.

This website has some great tips, for men and women, on the subject.

I would also recommend that you take some time to massage your feet once in a while. Or better yet, have your partner do it for you! My favorite way to self-massage is while in legs up the wall, a fantastic yoga pose for runners that can allow for easy access to your feet. I wrote a post about it here. If you bend a knee and place your ankle on your thigh, you should be able to easily massage your foot while the other leg rests against the wall.

Another option I like is using a golf ball to massage my feet. Just put the ball on the floor and roll it around under the sole of your foot. This is a great technique for dealing with little nagging aches too.

So, I made it through my pedicure without a toenail falling off. Yay! Aren’t they pretty… even post-hike? ; )


My feet in all their glory!





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