*No running, no blogging*


That’s a joke. It was not my intention to skip out on posting this week. Especially after I specifically said I’d still post regardless of my “break” from running. Life just got busy, ya know?

There has actually been a ton going on both in my personal world and my running world. Let me bring you up to speed.

First and foremost, this happened…

PVT Ridenour

Private Ridenour

My baby is at basic training. Across the country. It’s been quite a week adjusting to her absence but I’m beyond proud and excited to see what the future has in store for her!

I’m currently on day number 7 of my running break. It’s the longest number of consecutive days I’ve taken off in more than two-and-a-half years! I’ve been as active as possible but with two early morning trips to the airport (I also had family in town this week), a heat wave, and some travel, I didn’t get as much in as I had hoped. I’ve got two hikes planned for this weekend though and plan to resume running on Sunday. And boy, am I ready. It amazes me how dependent I’ve become on running. For so many reasons!

The “travel” I mentioned is somewhat running related. I’m currently in Central Oregon, home of the Cascade Lakes Relay. I’m not running it, nor have I run it in the past, but I hear it is a really great event! Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking actually got hired to come out and provide music overnight at one of the leg exchanges. So if you happen to be running the relay, I’ll be at the leg 18 exchange from 10 PM to 5 AM. Just look for the disco ball!

One of the perks of being a running writer is the opportunity to, well, run! As a writer for Run Oregon, team members are often offered race entries to events in which they write about their experience to share with Run Oregon readers. I recently wrote a race preview for the Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon, which I ran two years ago, and LOVED! (You can read that preview HERE.) So I was super excited when I was contacted to see if I was interested in running it this year. Um, heck YEAH!

Hopefully, my break from running this week won’t hinder my ability to run the half marathon… which just so happens to be a week from tomorrow! I’m optimistic that it will be a great race no matter what and it comes at the perfect time to restart my marathon training because it’s coming up quick!



Speaking of, I mentioned a while back that I’m an ambassador for the Portland Marathon. This is the first year in its history that they’ve had an ambassador program so I’m honored to be a part of it as it kicks off! And, I’m pleased to be able to share a $10 discount with you should you be looking for the perfect autumn marathon. It’s filling up fast (and usually sells out about mid-August) so don’t wait to much longer to register. Plus, there will be a price increase soon. You can register HERE and use the discount code: HYLA10 to save you $10 bucks!

All for now. I’m hittin’ the trails for a hike I’ve been fantasizing about doing for about a year. Woo hoo!


4 thoughts on “*No running, no blogging*

  1. I hope the break ended up being restful and enjoyable. And you will of course be ready to do a half in a week! Rock and I were just talking about this because I was told no running for at least the next week, due to baby trying to arrive early. He said to treat it as a break and remember all of the times I was sidelined due to injury and how my body has maintained what it knows how to do best. It really does!

    • It’s amazing, isn’t it? I was so worried about losing fitness, losing interest… gaining weight… HA! None of the above happened and I’m sooooo ready to jump back in! Take care of yourself!!

  2. oh goshhh. Do not offer a 10 dollar discount.!! and why do I still feel like I should sign up for the Portland Marathon. grrr. I don’t want to rush things, but I’m dying to run a full marathon. lol
    Congrats on being an ambassador 🙂 and for following through on your break.! you’re going to love running as soon as you get back into it. 🙂

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