*From burnout to rebuilding*

Guys. If you don’t subscribe to Runner’s World, do yourself a favor and pick up the current issue. I’ve connected with several of you that have recently experienced some of the same things I have been… basically burnout… and there is a lot of good info in this months issue.

Intuitively, I sensed I was heading for trouble a couple of weeks ago. I found some comfort in seeing this:


I was suffering from 5 out of 6 of these red flags!

Another article in the same issue has me fired up about making some revisions to my training plan! I’m taking it slow as I ease my way back, focusing first on building up my mileage before I work on getting some of my lost speed back, so with that in mind, I’m also revisiting Matt Fitzgerald’s book 80/20 Running. It feels like a good fit for where I’m at right now.

Yesterday, I ran my 12th half marathon. I did not “race” it but rather used it as a training run since I’m feeling a bit behind schedule in my training for the Portland Marathon. Honestly, it was pretty slow and the competitive spirit within me was feeling deflated. But on the plus side, I felt good for the most part, only having a few SI joint flare-ups the last half, and I have to give myself a little credit for knocking out 13 miles after a few rough months and a week off.


How to achieve what you desire.

At any rate, I’m going to embrace this rebuilding phase. I’m plotting out what it is that I want and how I’m going to get there. And then I’m going to get to work!


6 thoughts on “*From burnout to rebuilding*

  1. Really great post. I think all runners experience this at some point. It is totally normal but for some reason we have such horrible guilt that comes along with it. I am also a huge fan of Matt Fitzgerald.

    • So true! It really can become an addiction and hard to cut back, or stop all together. In my overly-analytical mind, I’m constantly questioning whether I’m doing more harm than good when I take it easy, or in this case, took a week off. There was really no big change from how I felt before, vs. after, so it leaves me to think it’s seriously all in my head! Ha!

  2. I’ve been studying the 80/20 method, as well. It’s fascinating — and the opposite of what I currently do 😉

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