*Marathon training update*

Apparently, there is a *first* for everything. After two-and-a-half years, and 7 marathons in which I was either trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, better my qualifying time, or actually running Boston, I’m going to run a marathon for fun.


Is that an oxymoron? Run a marathon for fun?!

Marathon #8 is not about me at all… Not about some crazy, obsessive drive to push myself to see what I’m made of, set a new personal record, or seek out the elusive sub-3:30 marathon. There is a sweeter sentiment to my intention. On Sunday, October 4th, my good friend is running the Portland Marathon, which is her first marathon! Throughout some personal struggles, she has met the demands of training and has triumphed every time. It is such an honor to not only witness her journey, but to get to accompany her on the final stages of it as she tackles 26.2.

As for me, it feels good to have clear direction. And let’s be honest. Less pressure to perform!

The icing on the cake is that since I’m an ambassador for the Portland Marathon, I get to experience it both as a participant and a representative.


My current long-run mileage is at 16 with 17 miles coming up this weekend. The timing… taking this marathon easy.. couldn’t be better since I’m finding my groove again after a few rough months following the Boston Marathon.

If your interested in running the Portland Marathon, whether it be competitively… or for fun, you can use the code HYLA10 to save $10 off your registration.


Throwback to the Portland Marathon expo and packet pick-up in 2013.

I’m curious. When it comes to running marathons (or any distance for that matter), are you driven by a competitive desire to perform your absolute best or just out for a good time with your friends and fellow runners?



6 thoughts on “*Marathon training update*

  1. If running a marathon isn’t partly for fun, is it worth it? I know it’s work, but surely there is some element of fun in all the marathons you have run… I hope it goes well and that element of fun continues in all your runs!

  2. Hey! Hope you’ve had a fabulous summer! 🙂 When I’m racing, it’s definitely about pushing my body to the max and totally seeing what I’m made of…if I can come away from it knowing that I gave it my all, I’m all smiles! I train so so hard in both running and swimming so although of course the races are fun for me (and the training…well, sometimes), it’s about something much deeper.

  3. I have heard wonderful things about this race. I honestly trained for my first full marathon with the goal of just finishing under 4 hours. I didn’t even know I qualified for Boston til later in the day. Now that I am back to running again I want to run another and qualify again and this time run it by myself and at my pace. But a part of me hates that I am thinking about pace because it was fun just to be running the first time and not have that pressure. By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if during your “fun” marathon you end up running better than ever.

    • That is so amazing! To BQ and not even know it? Wow!! I think you a right. I’m looking forward to it and it’s so nice to not have the pressure hanging over me. In fact, I bailed on my long run today. ; )

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