*The return of autumn and XC*

Last week, the National Weather Service issued a warning that indicated the Pacific Northwest was due for a wet weekend. Their statement said that we could receive more rain this weekend than we’ve had total over the previous five months.


Those weather guys kind of nailed it! (The unseasonably inclement weather has resulted in chili making and pumpkin scented candles burning. It feels like fall!!!)

Great news for the firefighters battling multiple wildfires in our region! Not so good for the poor Hood to Coast runners (while I’m typically sad when I miss a year, I picked a good year to skip it!) who were treated to downpours, high wind, and thunder and lightning. But I’ve been enjoying the heck out of being snuggled up at home. After a fun, busy summer, it’s time to embrace the fact that fall is upon us and with that comes the start of cross-country season and the beginning of a new school year.

These past few days have been spent cleaning and organizing some of the spaces in my home, a few writing projects, planning and preparing meals and snacks for the coming week, and creating a training plan and schedule for my XC athletes.

Because. Oh. My. Gosh. Cross-country starts tomorrow!!!


The glamorous life of an XC coach.

I’m feeling ready for the transition… a new season of cross-country… a new school year… autumn… and a few new goals and revised training plan for me…

Bring it!


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