*Put a fork in me*


With marathon training, that is.

You’d think that after previously training for 7 marathons it would get a little easier. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but holy moly, training for a marathon is hard! No matter how seasoned you are or how many you’ve run before. Each training cycle offers its own unique challenges. And for me, training for the Portland Marathon has been pretty tricky! The biggest culprit was a busy, adventure-filled summer. No complaints there but I basically had to cram to get to this point.

I didn’t follow any of the traditional rules… I only ran four long runs, about every other week, and increased by two miles at a time (14, 16, 18, 20), failing to stick to the 10% mileage increase rule. Technically, I should have started tapering last week. And, I didn’t do any supplemental training. No speed work… no hill repeats… no nothing!

No matter, though! I’m done!


It wasn’t pretty, thanks to a grumpy psoas, but 20 miles is 20 miles!

Fourteen days and counting to marathon #8!


4 thoughts on “*Put a fork in me*

  1. You’re right it never gets any easier does it?!! Just finishing up my fifth cycle ahead of Chicago…and glad to be hitting taper, though I think this was my best training plan so far…guess I’ll find out in 29 days! Way to go to get it done and good luck in Portland!

    • Hi James! Thanks for the well wishes and sharing your experience! I felt that way about my training cycle for Boston and it was my best marathon yet. I hope the same is true for you! Good luck!!

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