*Pin me*

A couple of days ago, while doing some intense research for work, (that’s a lie… I was on Pinterest), I stumbled across a “pin” that made my heart leap!

On Pinterest, one of the “pinners” I follow is Oiselle, women’s running apparel maker extraordinaire and kick-ass running community creators. I love the brand. I love their clothes, their philosophy, their marketing, the community of supportive and inspiring women runners that they’ve attracted…

So I was over the moon when I saw this!


No, not Christy Turlington. Though she is stunning! (She ran with the Oiselle Hood to Coast team a few years ago and I saw her from just a few feet away. She is as gorgeous in person as she is in the media. *Sigh*)

Anyway! That’s me on the bottom right. On their photoshoot inspiration board. Holy smokes! That is so frickin’ cool and it totally made my day. It’s probably been there for a while since that photo is two years old. But either way, so frickin’ cool!!!


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