*Weekly mileage ~ Sept. 21-27*

Mileage for the week of September 21st – September 27th

Total weekly mileage: 24.25

Total September mileage (to-date): 122.25

XC mileage (part of weekly total): 5.25

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 1,506.75

Run review:

9/21            XC only (2.25 miles)

9/22            No run/sick

9/23           20:12 min./2 mi./10:03 pace

9/24           30:05 min./3 mi./10:21 pace

9/25           XC only (3 miles)

9/26           32:37 min./4 mi./8:09 pace

9/27           1:33:25 min./10 mi./9:20 pace

At this point, I’ll take what I can get!!! I had a brief bout with a nasty stomach bug Tuesday that despite feeling better Wednesday, left me with zero energy both Wednesday and Thursday. I fought for those few miles I did manage to get in but it wasn’t pretty! By Friday I was feeling back to normal and grateful to squeeze in a few miles between work and XC meets!

One week from today is the Portland Marathon. ONE WEEK!


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