*Good, Better, Best ~ Portland Marathon*

Tomorrow is the Portland Marathon. My 8th marathon since July, 2013 and my second Portland Marathon.

What makes this marathon so special is the fact that, as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m running it with a dear friend of mine. It is her very first marathon and I’ve so enjoyed watching her discover strength she didn’t even know she had over the course of training. I’m so proud of her!!

I’ve also had the honor of being an ambassador for the Portland Marathon this year and of all of my event affiliations, I’m most proud of representing such a prestigious race. To top it off, I was absolutely blown away this morning, when upon arriving at the expo to work in the marathon information booth for a few hours, I opened the race program to discover I’d been featured in the publication promoting the ambassador program. Holy WOW!


It is truly an honor to be featured in the Portland Marathon race booklet this year!!

On the eve of the marathon, I’m sitting back in awe of all that I’ve accomplished since I first decided I wanted to give 26.2 a try. It has been a tradition that prior to a race, I share my *Good, Better, Best* goals for the event. I can honestly say that I’ve already achieved everything I could have hoped for with this race and I haven’t even run it yet.

I want to wish everyone running the Portland Marathon tomorrow, or any race for that matter, all the best. And no matter your goals, celebrate your ginormous accomplishment and marvel at how far you’ve come!


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