*September didn’t suck*

September Review:

Total miles: 132.5

Longest run: 20

Total days running: 23

YTD mileage: 1,517

Some of my favorite September moments included:

  • Soaking up all things cross-country! Practices, meets, sunny fall days, rainy fall days, energetic middle school kids, lots and lots of running… All good!
  • Spending time with family members that live out of the area and celebrating my nephews 2nd birthday.
  • Being treated to an afternoon of pampering thanks to the gift of a massage and facial.
  • Embracing new, lighter locks! (Though still a work in progress.)
  • Starting a fresh new school year.
  • Hanging out with my little dude.
  • Harvesting homegrown produce from a garden I helped plant.
  • Traveling around Oregon for work-related training.
  • Running along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon (on said trip).
  • Kayaking the Deschutes River (also on said trip).
  • Stomping grapes and wine tasting (yet again, on same trip… we did actually work too).
  • Meeting some great new people.
  • Kicking off the start of what I hope to be a fun (and profitable) business venture.
  • Waiting, patiently, for the arrival of Autumn, followed by the arrival of my favorite month. (October, baby!!)



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