*38 trips around the sun*

I’m officially 38 years old. And so far, it’s not too bad.

And just a quick brag… guess who wished me a happy birthday yesterday? BART YASSO, that’s who! So cool!!


Some years I fret about aging. This year, not so much. I’m often amazed when I read posts on Facebook or other social media sights from people my age, many of whom I went to high school with, complain about getting old. This hurts… that hurts… bifocals… grand-babies on the way (wait, what? whoa! true story!)

At 38, (and this excludes the fact that I currently have a head cold and am somewhat miserable) I feel fantastic and I’m still very much active and able to do the things that I love! I am so grateful for good health. Plus, I have no plans to stop doing what I do and look forward to another 38 years, minimum, of running and being as fit as I can be so that I can fill my life with adventure after adventure.

Case-in-point, I came across this awesome story today that has inspired me even more! Check out this kick-ass granny!

Don’t ever let age dictate what you can, or cannot, do! Grab life by the (ahem) balls and make the most of it!!


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