*From the archives*

During a recent conversation about blogging and writing, I realized that I’ve been creating content here in this space for more than two-and-a-half years! While there has been some ebb and flow during that time, I’ve never lost the desire to write and share my story or my love of running.

I’ve been cooking up a project/business that I am hoping to launch at the beginning of 2016 and I can’t wait to share it with you! In the meantime, I’m creating a business plan and researching website templates and pricing and… well, it’s a lot to digest. But while looking over some content I’ve created for Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking (and multiple other sites over the past few years) for my portfolio, I came across an old post and thought: “Damn, I wrote that?” It’s too good not to share again!

So I give you: From the Archives. An occasional, and no-doubt sporadic, post in which I’ll simply regurgitate something I’ve previously written. You’re welcome.

Oh, and just for fun, I might throw in a random picture that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the content of the post I’m sharing. Because I can. ; )


No crabs were harmed in the writing of this article. Except for the ones I ate.

*Unwanted Running Partners*

We’ve had a major stretch of winter weather this past week. The temperatures have dropped into the low 20’s the past few mornings but each day has been clear and dry. I love this kind of weather when I’m safely snuggled up inside by the fire. I hate being cold.

So before I even set off for what originally was a 10-mile run yesterday morning, I was dreading going outside to run in 20 degrees because I was already cold… (my house is heated by wood so some mornings it takes a little while to get warmed up) which made me a little grumpy.

I layered up and set off but was pretty uncomfortable and decided that I would ultimately cut the 10-mile run to five. Not even a couple of minutes into my run, several self-destructive thoughts started popping into my head.

Enter the unwanted running partners: Self-doubt and negativity. Combating these two bitches was a challenge and will continue to be over the course of the upcoming week if I’m not careful.

With 8 days until the Seattle Marathon, I became acutely aware that there are things that are going to be beyond my control next weekend. I don’t know what the weather will be like… It could be freezing cold with an arctic wind that makes my entire body feel like I’ve been swallowed by a glacier. There might be a torrential downpour soaking through every layer leaving me wet and miserable for hours. I could catch a cold. Or worse: the flu. I could twist an ankle, break a toe or leg… UGG.

That is pretty much what went through my mind for the entire 5.5 miles yesterday.

As I finished up, finally able to feel my toes again, I walked the last several blocks home savoring the fresh air, blue sky, and the warmth of the sun. My spirits began to lift and I left the self-doubt and negativity on the side of the road.

I know that I cannot predict the weather or how I will feel on race day. I do know though that I can do everything in my power to be prepared for whatever challenges I’m faced with. I need to continue to trust that my body is capable and that I’m well-trained and ready. I just need to get to the starting line next Sunday without any unwanted running partners tagging along!


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