*2015 Portland Marathon*

In the world of marathons, and in my opinion… based on my experience, the Portland Marathon ranks right up at the top of the best-of-the-best!

A week has already passed since I ran the Portland Marathon last Sunday, on October 4th. Truthfully, I’ve struggled to find the words to share my experience because it wasn’t really my experience. At least as far as running goes. While I loved being an ambassador for the Portland Marathon and the event itself, my heart wasn’t in it for myself. I ran the marathon with the intention of supporting my friend while she ran her first marathon. And honestly, it was SO great to run a marathon with no pressure on myself as far as performance goes. (High-fives for everyone!!)

What I didn’t expect was that my role as supporter, cheerleader, coach, and friend was going to be more challenging than I realized. The hardest part of the marathon was watching my friend suffer. Without sharing too many details for the sake of her privacy, she had been ill in the days leading up to the race and though she was well-trained, things took a turn in the wrong direction around mile 18 and it went a bit downhill from there. (Figuratively speaking. We ran in the right direction and there wasn’t really too much downhill. Hehe.)

Regardless, at 5:01:11, we crossed the finish line. Tears were shed. Orange juice was consumed. We collected our swag and staggered out of the finish area grateful to be done!

Despite the hiccups, it was a such a great day and race. The Portland Marathon goes above-and-beyond to make sure that every participant has a race experience that will be remembered. The on-course entertainment is such a welcome distraction and the aid stations, volunteers, and spectators along the route really make you feel that they are there for YOU.

I’m already looking forward to next year! So much so that this happened:

2016 Portland Marathon

The 2016 Portland Marathon is happening!!

Registration is open for the 2016 race, which marks the 45th year of the Portland Marathon, and prices are the lowest they’ll be all year. If you’ve been considering running it, 2016 is YOUR year to do it! Register HERE!

My friend has recovered and has already indicated that she will perhaps try running a marathon again in the future. It was such an honor to be there to support her and I was so moved when her man presented me with a thank-you. Gluten-free brownies with this note attached:

Portland Marathon

Such a thoughtful gesture! And all I had to do was run 26.2 miles!

You can find a more in-depth race recap from my 2013 experience at the Portland Marathon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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