*Off the beaten path*

For quite some time I’ve felt the pull… the pull of something a little more out of the ordinary as far as racing goes. Something off the beaten path. Something that provides a new challenge. Something that gives me a renewed sense of desire to excel (in some minimal way) in this crazy sport I love.

Cross-country, trail running/racing, (ahem) ultra marathons, and other random events are quickly becoming the focus of my racing calendar. This evening I added another new event to my schedule. A 4k! I mean, really? Racing less than 2.5 miles? On a Wednesday afternoon? At 3:00 PM? I’m game! (It’s a small charitable event… details HERE. Or check out the Run Oregon race preview HERE.)


Hmm… what’s next???

I will also note that I picked up my first-ever copy of Trail Runner magazine today. Yep. I’ve got the bug!


2 thoughts on “*Off the beaten path*

  1. Haha, this would freak me out. 5k’s get me a bit freaked out and make myself sick sprinting. Just too short for me. But I think it is so cool that you are finding all of these different races!

    • My strategy is, since I’m going to probably have to park several blocks away, I’ll run to pick up my packet, return to my car to drop off whatever I don’t need, then run back to the start. Hopefully that will get me warmed up and ready to roll! I’ve only run one other 5k this year with my family so it’s safe to say that I’m a little freaked out by the shorter distance too. But it’s good training for the 4 mile XC race I have coming up!

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