*Third place, Baby!*

I’m actually serious! Having decided, on a whim over the weekend to enter a small fun run 4k, I wasn’t sure what to expect today. Layered on top of that is the fact that I’ve not really “raced” since the Boston Marathon, nor have I done any significant speed work since… and I’m guessing here… sometime in mid-March.

Despite my feelings about hope being a “hail Mary”, I was hopeful that I could manage at least a 7:30, or so, pace today for the fun run that I decided to enter for the sheer fact that it was a unique event. A 4k on a Wednesday afternoon at 3 PM… and on a rare day off from coaching cross-country? Sure! I’m game!

The 4k 4Charity was primarily attended by technology industry professionals (and honestly, I sort of felt like an outcast) because the concept of the charitable race was created by the technology industry. But nevermind that. I’ve been searching for events that move me from my comfort zone to that sweet space just beyond… where the magic happens!

While at one point, I was in the second place spot, I dropped to third the last half-mile. No matter. Considering I was waaaay under-trained and all, I’ll happily embrace third. The event was not officially timed so these results are my own, based on my Garmin.

18:22 minutes

2.53 miles (slightly over the 4k distance of 2.49)

7:16 pace

My shortest “race” ever proved to also be my fastest. And I’m stoked!


Yeah, baby! Rockin’ 2.49 miles like a boss!



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