*Blogger Bitch*

The scene in my head could be straight out of a Melissa McCarthy movie: mid-40’s woman arriving to her job as a filing clerk at the office of the Secretary of State. Flustered and irritable after finding that she has spilled some of her Starbucks pumpkin spice latte on her skirt during the commute, she flings herself down at her desk to begin the first task of the day. That task includes processing the electronically filed applications that were submitted overnight for assumed business name registrations. From the pile, filled with common, boring business names such as Joe’s Restaurant or Betty’s Boots and Bags, my applications appears…

Entity Name:

Blogger Bitch

To which the clerk begins to giggle and a smile breaks out across her face. Her day is no longer doomed to be gloomy and she has already forgotten about the stain on her skirt.

And scene.

One might have assumed from my sporadic posts here at Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking that I have grown weary of writing. On the contrary! My occasional absence has been the result of wanting to write MORE! (And, I might add, a busy fall season of cross-country!)

I may as well confess, because I’m not sure that I’ve ever shared what my ultimate professional goal is here, but my dream is to become a writer. While I’ve loved this outlet for sharing my passion for running (and I promise I’m not going anywhere!), honestly, it has been primarily a hobby. Hobby is code for doesn’t pay the bills. I’m ready to fulfill my dream of becoming a real writer. Real, as in money, baby!

I’ve been sitting on the Blogger Bitch business idea for many, many months. After plenty of thoughtful and careful consideration, I decided that life is just too short not to try. Is it risky? YES! (Starting any business is!) Will my business name offend a few people? SURE. Will I find any level of success if I don’t give it a shot? PROBABLY NOT.

While I’m still very much in the development phase of the process, I’ve made a few strides that have felt really good. I figure that since I’m now officially registered in the State of Oregon, and it is public record after all, I might as well share my news with the rest of the world.

Blogger Bitch is a blog-specific ghost writing service that provides relevant and creative content targeted to your ideal audience, staging you as the expert in your field. (Meaning I do not take any credit.) I can also offer traditional content creation for your website, such as this text that I wrote for Italstone. I will eventually provide blog management services such as brainstorming ideas, post planning, scheduling, maintenance and more. My ideal clients are small to medium-sized businesses that have a web presence but are unable to retain an in-house writer to create blog posts and would like to increase their visitor traffic by more than 50%.

There are still a lot of details to hammer out, like getting http://www.bloggerbitch.com up and running (yes, it does exist but forgive the fact that it is currently under construction) as well as several other administrative structures before I dive into the real guts of it.

Blogger Bitch is in business!

Blogger Bitch is in business!

Thank you for your patience with me when I occasionally disappear and if you know of someone that could use my service, please have them email me at hyla@bloggerbitch.com.


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