*The blur that was October*

October Review:

Total miles: 101

Longest run: 26.2

Total days running: 20

YTD mileage: 1,618.25

Some of my favorite October moments included:

  • Participating in a work retreat that stirred up my excitement over starting a business that I’ve been dreaming up.
  • Supporting my friend for 26.2 miles when she ran the Portland Marathon. It was an honor to be there with her every step of the way!
  • Celebrating my 38th trip around the sun. I had a great birthday despite being sick.
  • Enjoying an unexpected week off from work after our trip to see our daughter graduate from basic training was cancelled. (That was a HUGE bummer but we made the best of it.)
  • Adventuring with my boys for a post-birthday trip to the beach and some crabbing. Though not very successful, we only came home with three keepers, it was a ton of fun!
  • Eating, sleeping, breathing cross-country. Not only for the athletes that I coach but shifting my training to focus on my preparation for my first XC race.
  • Spending a Sunday afternoon on an urban outing with my guys.
  • Racing my first 4k and finishing in 3rd place.
  • Crabbing for a second time which was waaaaay more successful and a fun day all-around.
  • Getting my business, Blogger Bitch, off the ground. I’m taking my time, doing the research, making thoughtful choices, and learning so much along the way. It’s an exciting process and I’m already proud of what I’ve accomplished with such limited time over the past few months.
  • Wrapping up a great cross-country season. I was a little emotional about it given that I’ve coached some of the young athletes on my team for three years. They’ll be moving on to high school next year and honestly, I’m not sure I’ll still reside in the community that I’m living in now so the end of the season felt like I was saying good-bye to a great group of kids.
  • Finishing up the month by racing my first XC race and gaining some insight about how challenging the sport truly is.
  • Savoring the last moments of October with family and friends, good food and drinks, and a handful of kids in costume that came by for a trick-or-treat.

October passed so quickly that it does seem to be a bit of a blur. I’m feeling ready for a new month and new adventures. Not to mention some serious down time.

Happy November!


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