*Team Nuun 2016*

Some good news couldn’t have come at a better time!

On my commute to work this morning, the battery light on the dashboard illuminated. That was followed by another warning light (that I don’t even know what it was warning me about) lighting up. A few minutes, and some weird noises later, I was stopped alongside the road with no gauges, heat, radio, or lights. All the while the engine kept running, thank goodness, and I was able to turn back and make it to the nearest service center.

Long story short. It was a grueling day dealing with a fried/dead battery due to a fried/dead alternator. A few hundred bucks and 6 hours later, I’m back in business. But the whole ordeal left me feeling like I’m fried (fortunately not dead though)!

Then the perfectly timed email arrived in my inbox.

For the third year in a row, I have the great honor of representing Nuun Hydration as a member of their ambassador team! I’m so thrilled that I was selected to continue to serve as an athlete for a company that not only produces the best hydration source on the market, but has allowed me to connect with amazing athletes and fellow Nuun lovers from all over the world. I’d say Team Nuun is more like Family Nuun!

Hood to Coast with Nuun.

Hood to Coast with Nuun.

(Speaking of… be sure to check back tomorrow when I unveil a new feature here on Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking that showcases one of my fellow team members!)

Let me ask you this: do you love Nuun? Do you use Nuun to fuel your training? Would you like to join the BEST team of athletes from around the globe? If you said YES, then check out this link for information about how to submit your application to become a Nuunbassador.

Tuesday is looking up!


2 thoughts on “*Team Nuun 2016*

  1. Congrats on being on Team Nuun again! I’m hoping to be an Ambassador again this year. Maybe one day I’ll be fast enough to make the athlete team. So I LOVE Nuun. Cherry Limeade Energy is my go-to!

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