*Running: moving rapidly, in a certain direction*

With the weekend quickly coming to a close (boo!), I’ve been marinating in the experiences that made it a pretty great one. (Allow me to insert my regular aphorism: It Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking!)) Looking back, I feel so dang stoked for such awesome partnerships, rad people, future tribe members, and this crazy sport that I love so much!!!

Saturday was a pretty incredible day and I’m still feeling the effects of the inspiring people who I was privileged to be surrounded by.

I spent several hours yesterday working alongside the creator of Left Coast Raw. David (center) has been so supportive of me! He has provided me with an awesome source of fuel that I used not only throughout my months of training for the Boston Marathon, but beyond. He is so passionate about spreading raw, vegan, plant-based, whole-food nutrition that it is contagious. I had a ton of fun pouring samples, talking about my experience with the product, and helping introduce Veg Fest Portland attendees to such an amazing source of nutrient-dense food in a portable, convenient shake.

Left Coast Raw at Veg Fest Portland

Sharing Left Coast Raw love at Veg Fest Portland!

After I was finished at Veg Fest, I headed to Rainshadow Running‘s Film Festival Tour showing in Vancouver, WA. I will be the first to admit that there is a whole other world of running out there that I’ve barely scratched the surface of during my exploration of the sport. It’s not a secret that I love trail running and aspire to do more of it, including races, but it is still not as accessible as I wish it were. That said, one simply cannot watch a series of short films about trail running and not get amped up! I’m like SUPER AMPED UP!

Rainshadow Running Film Festival Tour

Rainshadow Running Film Festival Tour

Not only that, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with the owner and creative spirit that founded Territory Run Co. They are a trail running/lifestyle apparel company based in Portland, Oregon that I’ve had on my radar for a while now. Not only is their art stunning, they also source local artists for hand printing their apparel. But what really stands out to me is the culture and community vibe that they are building based on the common love of running and the wild playground just beyond our 9-5’s.

Territory Run Co. raglan tee

You had me at Raglan tee. Well played, Territory Run Co.!

The sport of running is constantly evolving for me as I discover new tributaries that branch off from the basic concept of what it is: moving rapidly, in a certain direction. I’m hopeful that my experiences this weekend will continue to build momentum and that I will always be as in love with running as I feel I am right now!

Have a great week, friends!


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