*A look back at 2015*

Holy shit.

Pardon my French. But seriously, guys. It has been an incredible, wild, messy, fun, year. Like, holy shit! Let’s do it again but with more incredible, wild, messy, fun, adventure!!!

My hope for you, as you look back at your own year, is that you feel the same way. And that, like me, you are ready to make more epic magic awesomeness happen in 2016.


If you’ve missed my monthly highlights over the past year, you can read them individually at the links below.












As for December, well, I figured I’d just include my stats and a few highlights here!

December review:

Total miles: 128.25

Longest run: 8

Total days running: 28

YTD mileage: 1,868.25

Some of my favorite December moments included:

  • Finishing a small 5k as the first-place female finisher.
  • Celebrating the season with family and friends at several gatherings sprinkled throughout the month.
  • Watching my little drummer boy perform at his winter band concert.
  • Seeing my soldier for the first time in five months when she arrived home for the holidays. We made a scene in the airport. I cried. And hugged her a ton. Probably one of my favorite memories of the whole entire year!!
  • Feeling content finally being under the same roof with Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking and our kids after 147 days of being spread out across the country.
  • Waking up to snow!
  • Spending time with my parents, bother, sis-in-law, nephew, and my own family in the mountains for a few days for an early Christmas.
  • Receiving some really great Christmas gifts including a new sleeping bag that I cannot wait to test out on a near-future adventure!
  • Planning for 2016. Lot’s of big stuff on the horizon… running goals, business goals, family/life goals… I have so much to be grateful for this past year and so much to look forward to next year!

Last but not least, THANK YOU! for being a part of my year and sharing in the triumphs and struggles. My life is so enriched by the online community that has been created based on our common love of running, health, and wellness.

I wish you all a fantastic 2016 filled with lots of love, good health, adventures, and of course, happy miles! Cheers!


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