*Poof! What happened to January?*

January Review:

Total miles: 160.75

Longest run: 10.25

Total days running: 27

YTD mileage: 160.75

Some of my favorite January moments included:

  • Starting 2016 with a trail run on New Year’s Day and aligning my actions with my goal to run more trails this year.
  • Announcing to the world that my business, Blogger Bitch, is ready to take on clients and help businesses and bloggers create content to drive visitors to their website. I’ve been realistic in that I know it will take time to generate steady work and income but during my first official month in business I actually made a small profit so I’m off to a good start!
  • Discovering a new section of my favorite local trail. Even better was discovering that there is a trailhead less than 7 miles from where I work. So stoked about that!!!
  • Hearing Krissy Moehl speak at Powell’s Books about her experiences as an ultra trail runner. Despite that fact that as she was presenting I became increasingly ill (due to apparent food poisoning), and missed the opportunity to have her sign my copy of her book, I was really inspired by her and her accomplishments.
  • Spending a few nice evenings visiting with my parents. I enjoy their company and treasure the time I get to spend with them.
  • Enjoying impromptu gatherings with my mister’s parents too. Backyard fires, birthday celebrations, raiding their tub and tv… I’m grateful for family close by.
  • Saying goodbye to a quiet and simple January and looking forward to all that February has in store. Including what I hope is more of this:

A long run on a muddy trail equals happiness!

This month was my highest mileage month since April 2015! Back then, I was training for Boston so I’m actually a little surprised that I’ve run as much as I have with nothing on my race calendar. I did miss my goal of running on trails at least once a week, only getting three trail runs in throughout the month. I’ll keep working on that in February!


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