*Life update*

The past few weeks (months!) have been a crazy whirlwind of what would ultimately be a big transition for my family. After years of conversations about doing it, we finally began the process. We just uprooted our life in Oregon and are starting anew in California.

To be completely honest, I’m fluctuating between being excited and freaked out. There are still some unknowns and it is a scary place to be. I’m holding on hard to the reasons we decided to make this ginormous leap of faith and trying to trust that the universe has our backs in this.

That said, I’m not sure what the future of this space holds during the next few weeks. I have not run in five days. (Though I got in a great little three-mile hike yesterday in the hills nearby!) And I’m not allowing myself to spiral into a state of despair over it. I’ve got enough on my plate to fret about.

Given that this is a running blog, I don’t really have much to report. I ran maybe 12 miles last week. (My training journal is buried deep among all of our tightly packed belongings.) But I look forward to finding my way back after the dust settles.




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