*November Project >< Just Show Up*

As promised in my previous post, I’m happy to report that I did NOT chicken out yesterday and attended my very first November Project workout.

Guys! The whole vibe is seriously awesome!

I know it’s not offered in all cities, and you’ll have to check their website to find locations, but if you are anywhere near one, you need to go get some free fitness! As they say, Just Show Up!

I’ve been hearing about November Project for a few years thanks to my Nuun teammates. There was also a great write-up about the movement in an issue of Runner’s World a couple of years ago. It pretty accurately describes my experience.

There are several workouts throughout the city hosted by November Project but they meet at the same place each Wednesday morning, offering two early sessions. I went to the 5:27 (Yep, not 5:30, 5:27) workout because I have to work around our school schedule but they offer one immediately following at 6:27 too. The Wednesday workouts will likely be the only ones I attend because they are held at the Hollywood Bowl which isn’t too far from where I live. The others are pretty spread out and, well, I’m not crazy about driving here.

Anyway, I was immediately greeted with a hug, because that’s their thing, and chatted with a few people until we were called to gather around the leader. The new kids were called to the center and the entire “tribe” bounced up and down while doing call-and-response to Ooga Chaka. I think I had a smile on my face the entire time.

The main workout was timed for 30 minutes, running around the perimeter of the bowl and stopping at six stations to do jump squats, push ups, mountain climbers, triceps dips, plank and lateral hops with a partner, and bear crawl for about 20 feet before repeating the loop.

There is one side of the bowl that is super steep that I walked the second and third times I did the loop but overall, I ran approximately a mile and a half. After that portion of the workout was done, they set a timer for seven minutes and we were instructed to do as many burpees as possible within that time frame.

At this point, after 45 or so minutes of being surrounded by about 60 of the most positive, happy to be working out at six in the morning, and constantly smiling people I’ve ever worked out with, the groans broke loose and smiles were replaced with a look of anguish.

I played it safe and paced myself. For a girl who doesn’t like burpees (who does, right?), hasn’t done them in many months, and isn’t in the greatest of shape, I was pretty proud of the 42 I accomplished.

As the burpee challenge finished, we were summoned to a tiered grassy area for some announcements about the location for the workout on Friday morning, recognition for a birthday, and a presentation of a “spirit stick” to one of the regular members. Plus a group photo, which I believe is a mainstay of the movement.

I was back in my car by 6:28 where I promptly high-fived myself for finding the courage to get out of bed at 4:30 AM and out of my comfort zone. It was very well worth it and I’m hoping to make it a weekly date.

This morning I woke up nice and sore, as I expected. I haven’t experienced this much discomfort following a workout in quite a while so it is a welcome reminder of why I love being active and fit.

I highly recommend that you check November Project out if you’re in one of the select cities it is offered in.


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