*I’m coming down with a goal…*

Miss me? JK. I’ve been MIA this week because I’m livin’ the high-life in Los Angeles and partying with celebs every night. (That is also a joke.)

I actually started a new part-time job this week. In addition to working on building my own business, Blogger Bitch (specializing in freelance writing services such as web copy, blogging, etc. – shameless plug!), I’m learning the real estate business. I’ll be assisting a number of agents with all of the documentation required for their transactions. I’ve come home every evening with a headache from mental overload as I learn all of the terminology, documentation, and the procedures as to how each listing or sale is processed.

It’s actually a bit ironic because many, many moons ago, say about 18 years ago, I actually began studying toward obtaining my real estate license. And, having recently gone through the steps to selling a home, I find it interesting that I am where I am. Real estate is BIG business here in Los Angeles… perhaps my next career found me…

I digress, as usual.

It’s been a while since I had a tangible running goal. I was pretty pumped up at the beginning of the year because I felt that the natural progression would be to jump to ultra running. I’m still very much wanting to run an ultra but I’m not sure this year is the year. And honestly, it’s okay.

But I’m feeling the pull of a goal. I NEED something to focus my energy on in terms of the physical form. I’ve looked at some race possibilities here in the LA area, and I’m honestly quite impressed with the number of options out there. Especially when it comes to trail running! What I keep returning to, though, is the fact that I am already registered for the Portland Marathon in October. All that is left for me to do is map out my training plan, execute it, and book a flight home.

So, that my friends, is what I’m spending this fine Saturday afternoon doing.

26.2 training

It’s been a while since I’ve created a training schedule so I’m loosely using this as a guide to design my own. Currently, the Portland Marathon is 19-weeks away which is fantastic considering that my current base is all of about six miles. Ugh.

I’ve got my work cut out for me!

*Another shameless promotion*

If you’re interested in running the Portland Marathon, you can save $10 on registration when you use the code HYLA16 at checkout.


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