*Bring on summer*

There is no excuse for my absence here but in my own defense, I’ve committed to allowing myself to slow down a little bit. The last several months… scratch that. The last several years(!) have been seemingly nonstop and full of busyness. In a way, I find it ironic that I moved to one of the fastest paced cities in the country yet find myself tuning it out and favoring a slower pace instead. It’s something I’ve been craving for years and it feels like it has finally started to manifest. Even amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Summer break has officially arrived which I think I need as much as my kiddo needs. His school experience was quite different from that in Oregon. They are pretty serious about “culmination” and after just five weeks, he and 549 of his fellow classmates, completed 8th grade and are ready to move on to high school in the fall. (Which I’m TOTALLY not ready for. And by fall, I mean the middle of August. Why in the heck do they start the school year so early???)


On to high school!

I have been running and this week was a pretty solid week even though early on my back was grumpy for a couple of days. I’m currently 18 days into a running streak, finally broke 500 miles for the year, and hit double digits this week! Several months have passed since the last time I ran more than 10 miles so it feels like quite the accomplishment. That run also got me back on track with my training for the Portland Marathon since I didn’t hit my long run mileage goal last weekend.

This morning I was planning to run to the Hollywood sign, which according to Google Pedometer is roughly 4.5 miles from my apartment. It would have given me another 9 miles or so for the weekend and some great pictures. However, the trail/old road, clearly marked on the map, was gated and locked with no alternate access options that I could find. The nearest other entrance would have added at least another mile and there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t be gated and locked either. So I turned back for home and called it good at 6 miles. I’ll save that adventure for another day!

For my friends and followers in the Portland area, I learned about a neat little fun run coming up on Thursday, June 23rd. The second annual TEDxPortland 6k is a family friendly, non-competitive event and a bargain with registration priced at $25.00! It begins and finishes at OMSI. On-site registration and packet pickup will begin at 7 PM and the run will start at 8 PM. (Advanced registration is available through Athletepath.) There will be refreshments at the finish line, including a beer garden, live music, and a raffle with more than $2,000 worth of prizes being given away. Participants are encouraged to “paint the town Ted” by wearing red. There will also be prizes for best-dressed runners.

For more information or to register, visit their event website, HERE.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the beginning of summer vacation!


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