*First race of 2016*

After lamenting for the past few months about not having any upcoming races on my calendar, I remedied that last night by officially registering for my first trail race! It’s also my first race of 2016!

I will note that I have technically done a trail race (Ragnar Zion) but it was a relay and the event was cancelled before I got to run my third leg due to snow.

I’m fairly certain I won’t need to worry about snow this time around because the race I’m doing is in the heart of Los Angeles in the middle of July. And it’s practically in my backyard! The Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay and 8k is on Sunday, July 17th. The main race is actually a five-member team marathon relay but they are also offering an inaugural 8k trail race which is what I signed up for. I think it’s a good place to start and get my bearings since I haven’t been running a ton of trail as of late.


Nuun is a sponsor and I know of a couple of Team Nuun members that will be participating too.


Trail at Griffith Park.

The route is described as being an “intermediate” and “very challenging” course so I better get my rear in gear and get some solid training in over the next three weeks!!!

Also, while I’m thinking about July, my friends at Left Coast Raw are offering free shipping on domestic orders through the end of July. And, they’ve recently launched a new flavor! Cocoa Motive offers 22 grams of organic, plant-based protein from whole food ingredients, per 10 oz. serving. Check out their website for more information about their superior plant-based shakes!


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