*Weekly mileage ~ June 20-26*

Mileage for the week of June 20th – June 26th

Total weekly mileage: 35.5

Total June mileage: 121.75

Total year-to-date (2016) mileage: 570.25

Run review:

6/20      26:18 min./3 mi./8:46 pace

6/21      32:23 min./4 mi./8:20 pace

6/22      23:53 min./2.42 mi./9:53 pace (running circuit)

9:04 min./1.08 mi./8:23 pace

6/23      40:00 min./5 mi./8:00 pace

6/24      1:30:13 min./11 mi./8:12 pace

6/25      1:11:15 min./8 mi./8:54 pace

6/26      8:29 min./1 mi./8:24 pace

With each passing week, I feel my confidence being restored and a renewed drive to set goals for myself, and work towards them.

As has been the case for about a year now, I’m craving trail hard. Last weekend, and I blame it on the coverage of Western States 100, it’s all I could think about! I’m really looking forward to my first solo trail race coming up in mid-July and already looking ahead to future possibilities. Whether it’s dusty trails or the busy streets of North Hollywood, I’m enjoying running a lot right now and excited about prospective goals and races later in the year.


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