*Portland Marathon July Newsletter contributor*

There was a pleasant surprise in my email inbox this morning! The Portland Marathon July Newsletter was sent out featuring the latest news about the upcoming October marathon and highlights a few of the many fantastic reasons to add it to your racing calendar.

It was a complete honor when I was approached with a request to submit a short article related to my own marathon training. (Me? Write something about running? Gee… I don’t know… HA!) As I approach most things in life, I aim to be authentic and transparent. My regular readers know that I’ve had some ups and downs this year. Now, a very large running community will know about it too. And I’m completely okay with that. I believe that when we share our stories, our struggles, and our successes, we help build each other and build a stronger tribe.

You can read the entire article in the Portland Marathon July Newsletter but here is a little preview:


Continue reading…

If you haven’t registered for the Portland Marathon but would like to, make sure you do it soon. It does fill up around this time of year so reserve your spot right away. I’ll even sweeten the deal and give you a $10.00 discount off your registration!! At checkout, use the code HYLA16 to apply the savings. Registration can be found HERE.


Use discount code: HYLA16 to save $10.00 off registration!


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