*Weekly mileage ~ August 1-7*

Mileage for the week of August 1st – August 7th

Total weekly mileage: 34

Total August mileage: 34

Total year-to-date (2016) mileage: 741

Run review:

8/1     29:16 min./3 mi./9:44 pace

8/2     No run/travel day

8/3     27:48 min./3 mi./9:16 pace

8/4     32:35 min./4 mi./8:08 pace

8/5     40:49 min./5 mi./8:09 pace

8/6    40:19 min./5 mi./8:03 pace

8/7     2:02:38 min./14 mi./8:46 pace

Last week was a bit of a transition week as we wrapped up a visit to Oregon, made our way back to life in Los Angeles, dove back into work and projects, and started the beginning phases of getting ready to start another school year. (Why school starts so early here is beyond me!)

Amidst the whirlwind, I managed to string together a few decent runs! Not only that, it was a pivotal point in deciding how I wanted to proceed, as far as training goes, for the upcoming Portland Marathon. I was already committed and registered but I figured it would come down to one of two possible scenarios: continue to train as I had been (half-ass) and run the marathon without any desired outcome other than to enjoy it and have fun (both VERY respectable marathon goals, fyi!) OR raise the bar a bit, set some intentions, and get to work. I chose the latter. (I wrote a brief marathon training update post which you can find HERE.)

I know I’m in good company as there are many awesome fall marathons on the horizon. Time to get to business, friends! Happy training!


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