*Weekly mileage ~ Aug. 29-Sept. 4*

Mileage for the week of August 29th – September 4th

Total weekly mileage: 41.25

Total August mileage: 175.5

Total September mileage: 20.5

Total year-to-date (2016) mileage: 903

Run review:

8/29     44:16 min./5 mi./8:51 pace

8/30     55:03 min./6 mi./9:11 pace

8/31     31:40 min./4 mi./7:55 pace

50:48 min./5.75 mi./8:49 pace

9/1     33:43 min./4 mi./8:26 pace

9/2     32:34 min./4 mi./8:07 pace

9/3     1:20:43 min./8.5 mi./9:30 pace

9/4     33:06 min./4 mi./8:15 pace

Due to some extra time off the previous week when my knee was acting up, on top of moving my long run for the week to today, I didn’t take any rest days last week. On three of the days I ran harder or a bit longer, including a couple of good hills in there too. The other days were shorter and run at an easy pace. Nicely balanced, I think.

2016-09-05 13.48.40

Updated training plan… taking it one week at a time.

I’ve reconfigured my plan for this week to accommodate a second long run next Sunday. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. (If I stick to said plan, I’ll hit 64 miles this week.) Rest and recovery is high priority so I will take a rest day tomorrow and aim to get as much extra sleep as I can each night.

Also, I’ve decided to play with my macros just a little bit and see what happens. I love nutrition and I love experimenting with my diet. Essentially, on days that I run longer than an hour, I’ll eat more carbs. On the other days, little carbs (including wine… sniff, sniff) and more protein and fat. I don’t want to over think it and I still aim to keep my food choices nutrient-dense but I’m curious to see how it will affect my body and my training since my objective is to lean out a little bit while maintaining muscle and endurance, of course. I’ll report back on that later.

Happy Labor Day, btw, and have a fantastic week!


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