*Nuun Life*

What is Nuun Life exactly?

It is a culture. A community. It’s bigger than the amazing little flavored tabs that help hydrate and replenish athletes so that they can keep giving 110% to everything they do whether it’s training for the Olympics, the Boston Marathon, Ironman, or a hometown 5k. Nuun Life, at its core, is a group of passionate people striving to achieve greater athletic performance, optimal health, and a cleaner planet by way of revolutionary hydration products while inspiring others in the process.

It has been an incredible honor over the past few years to be a part of Team Nuun and witness the company’s evolution while staying true to their mission.


In the spirit of constantly striving to move forward, Nuun has revamped their website and can now be found at www.nuunlife.com. And, they’ve give me and my fellow teammates permission to offer a special friends and family discount to YOU! Check out their new website, maybe swing by my athlete profile (which is slightly outdated), and use the code fallhydration at checkout to save 30% off your order! The offer is good through September 30th.

Happy autumn and hydrating!


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