*One week until marathon #9*

Time flies, doesn’t it?

It seems like just a few days ago that I was considering whether or not I was going to actually train for, and run, the Portland Marathon. I decided to go for it since I’d been registered since the end of last year and to be honest, I needed something to get me moving again after the stress of relocating. Now, in just four days, I’ll be heading home to Oregon and preparing for my 9th marathon next Sunday.



I ran my last “long” run this morning. Eight conservative miles. It was the first morning that actually felt like autumn. It was much cooler than most recent days and so welcome! I’m hoping that training in the heat here in Los Angeles will work to my advantage next weekend!

My week will be easy mileage-wise and I plan to take an extra day off on Friday, in addition to my regularly scheduled rest day on Monday. I will run four easy miles on Tuesday, four miles on Wednesday with two miles at tempo, three miles on Thursday, and two on Saturday.

I feel as ready as I think I’m going to feel at this point. My only concern is that it’s going to be a bit a whirlwind with traveling Thursday (on my birthday no less!), working two shifts at the race expo, and trying to spend as much time as I can with my daughter and Mr. WJTWT, all while being mindful to squeeze in as much downtime to rest and relax as I can.

As always, high-quality nutrition, hydration, and self-care are at the top of my list in preparing for race day. A little more challenging when traveling but I’m getting that game plan together too.

I guess it’s about time I start getting serious about creating a list of things I need to pack!


2 thoughts on “*One week until marathon #9*

  1. Have a good rest of the week tapering! I’m upping the self-care this week too. I’m travelling down to Portland on Saturday via train! Hoping there will be space to walk around on the train. Have a great race!

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