*Following in my footsteps*

Two years ago this past weekend, I went to a shakeout run as part of the Vancouver USA Marathon festivities, hosted by Mr. Bart Yasso from Runner’s World. He is a true gem and I was honored to meet him and get an infamous “Bartie” with him. I’ve had the privilege of “running” into him a few times since then, including at the Boston Marathon race expo and again last summer when he was in Vancouver for the marathon. (I even bought him breakfast!)

Anyway, now that I’m residing in Los Angeles, meeting up with him while he was in town for the marathon last weekend was impossible. However, the coolest thing happened! A few months ago, my daughter was hired by Energy Events which puts on the Vancouver USA Marathon. On Friday afternoon while I was sitting at work, I received this:


My daughter, following in my footsteps.

Day made! Better was the fact that when she told him that she was my daughter, he knew exactly who I was and even remembered meeting Mr. WJTWT in Boston. Truly, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

I came across this link earlier this evening and considering the timing, it is kind of ironic. More so, I discovered that I’m in one of the photos!!!! I finally made Runner’s World! Super cool!!! (I’m in the 6th photo as you scroll down in the purple Boston Marathon jacket on the left!)


*The self I like best*

Looking back over the past two months, I can clearly see where I began to struggle to keep my mileage up. It’s been no secret that the first quarter of the year (and now moving into the second quarter) has been quite a whirlwind for me and my family. To be honest, the dust hasn’t settled yet and things are still in a state of flux. In hindsight, I thought I’d get back into my groove once our feet were grounded. I sure as heck didn’t think it would take so long.

In the midst of all that, and I’m still battling it, I pulled back from some of the things I love and find comfort in (not all by choice). What I’ve discovered is that I feel completely disconnected from myself. Routines, dietary choices, sleep patterns, self-care… all the familiar rhythms that I’ve been accustomed to for the past X amount of years have been stripped away. On top of that, I’m in a new (and VERY large) city, 1000+ miles away from my daughter, family, and friends, haven’t yet been able to connect with any sort of new running friends or tribe, trying to organically build a business that generates sustainable income which is slow going, and generally feeling a little lost in space at the moment.

Deep shit, I know.

A few days ago I realized that my life is so much richer with running in it and when I’m taking care of my whole self. Mind, body, and spirit. So I went for a short run. The following day I went for another one. I’ve now run four days in a row, although I will admit, I have not run more than three miles at a time. Accepting where I’m at, and fully understanding that it will take some time to build myself, distance, and pace, back up to where I prefer to be will not happen overnight. Mentally, I’m starting to feel it again. Physically, and no thanks to the heat, it’s a work in progress.

Timely enough, I saw this quote posted on Facebook earlier and I couldn’t agree more!

2016-04-20 10.39.04

“or at least I feel like the self I like best”… well said, Bart!

I never posted my weekly mileage for the week of March 21-27. Because I was in the middle of packing, I didn’t record all of the few runs I did and lost the info on my Garmin for one of them so I am not including that in the total. For that week, I ran 7.5 miles bringing my March total to 62.25 (I’m certain it’s my lowest monthly mileage in three years. That is until this month which will likely be less than that!) and my YTD total to 304 miles.

I’m a big believer in accountability. Sharing this here is more for my benefit than anyone else’s but it does provide me with the space to hold myself accountable and acknowledge my own truth. And that truth is, I do feel that the self I like best is the one that runs!

*38 trips around the sun*

I’m officially 38 years old. And so far, it’s not too bad.

And just a quick brag… guess who wished me a happy birthday yesterday? BART YASSO, that’s who! So cool!!


Some years I fret about aging. This year, not so much. I’m often amazed when I read posts on Facebook or other social media sights from people my age, many of whom I went to high school with, complain about getting old. This hurts… that hurts… bifocals… grand-babies on the way (wait, what? whoa! true story!)

At 38, (and this excludes the fact that I currently have a head cold and am somewhat miserable) I feel fantastic and I’m still very much active and able to do the things that I love! I am so grateful for good health. Plus, I have no plans to stop doing what I do and look forward to another 38 years, minimum, of running and being as fit as I can be so that I can fill my life with adventure after adventure.

Case-in-point, I came across this awesome story today that has inspired me even more! Check out this kick-ass granny!

Don’t ever let age dictate what you can, or cannot, do! Grab life by the (ahem) balls and make the most of it!!


June Review:

Total miles: 115.25

Longest run: 13.1

Total days running: 24

YTD mileage: 1,123.5

Some of my favorite June moments included:

  • Watching my daughter finish her final days of high school, being awarded a scholarship, and graduating high school. (Plus, finally getting her driver’s license the same week!)
  • Celebrating her graduation with an abundance of family and friends. I’m so grateful for our tribe!
  • Soaking up some knowledge from a few work training sessions that I didn’t think would interest me but I was pleasantly surprised that they did.
  • Being treated to a pedicure by my daughter!
  • An early morning coffee date with my mom.
  • Getting to run, and have coffee with, one of the most prominent names in the world of running, Mr. Runner’s World himself, Bart Yasso!
  • Running trails at Silver Falls State Park on a warm Monday evening after long day of work training. Bliss is me on a trail!
  • Heading to Central Oregon for a fun weekend with friends that included running the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival.
  • Enjoying tons of time cooling off in swimming pools.
  • Stopping on our way home from Central Oregon at a really fun little winery that happens to make my favorite sangria.

July is looking to be a pretty eventful month but I’m committed to slowing down and savoring every second! And having more adventures is spaces like this:


Trail run at Silver Falls State Park

*Weekly mileage ~ June 15-21*

Mileage for the week of June 15th – June 21st

Total weekly mileage: 26.75

Total June mileage (to-date): 76.5

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 1,084.75

Run review:

6/15            29:38 min./3.25 mi./9:07 pace

6/16            No run

6/17           42:03 min./5 mi./8:25 pace

6/18           43:59 min./5 mi./8:48 pace

6/19           24:45 min./2.85 mi./8:40 pace

14:24 min./1.65 mi./8:41 pace

6/20           27:47 min./2.75 mi./10:06 pace (+.25 mi.)

6/21           47:28 min./6 mi./7:55 pace

Finding my groove after being sick last week was a challenge but I’m grateful for the miles I did get in! The highlight of my week was catching up with Bart Yasso on Saturday for a pre-Vancouver USA Marathon shakeout run. I didn’t race the event this year but couldn’t miss a chance to say hello to Bart!


One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!

Have a great week!!

*Beanies and Bart*

Whew. FriYAY is here!

We kicked the weekend off in Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking land with a yard sale. Holy moly is it a LOT of work. And I feel like I’m barely making a dent. But there is something sweetly satisfying about selling iconic 90’s stuffed animals to unassuming kids.

Remember Beanie Babies?


This is my “WTF” face.

What in the hell were we all thinking? Am I right?

Aside for the Beanie Baby debacle, I’m super stoked that my buddy Bart Yasso is in town for the Vancouver USA Marathon this weekend. I met him one year ago, tomorrow, and am thrilled that I have the opportunity to say hi and run with him when he leads a shakeout run in Vancouver, WA, in the morning. I also had the privilege of saying hello to him at the Boston Marathon expo in April!


Just another day hanging out with Bart.

While I’m not running the Vancouver USA Marathon this year, it is a great event. And because of Bart, it will be a fond memory for years to come, despite my performance. I mean, really! When you approach the finish line and hear your name being called by Bart Yasso, well, that is pretty dang awesome!!!

Finishing to the sound of Bart Yasso announcing my arrival.

Finishing to the sound of Bart Yasso announcing my arrival.

This photo makes me smile!

And just because…

Hey, if you need any Beanie Babies, let me know!

*April adventures*

April Review:

Total miles: 165.75

Longest run: 26.2 (26.41 according to my Garmin. Oops.)

Total days running: 23

YTD mileage: 855.75

Some of my favorite April moments included:

  • A visit from my sis-in-law and nephew. Always so nice to have them close for a few days!
  • Finishing up training for the Boston Marathon. Tapering felt like such a sweet reward for those long months of training!
  • Watching my speedy daughter kick ass on the track. I had never been to a track meet until just last year when she decided to join her high school team. So fun to watch her compete!
  • Creating a new partnership with an outstanding company that makes delicious, raw, whole food fruit and vegetable shakes. I’m excited to have Left Coast Raw on my team!
  • A wonderful pre-Boston dinner out courtesy of my parents to celebrate my accomplishment.
  • BOSTON. Words cannot do my experience justice. It was an AMAZING trip and an AMAZING race. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Saying goodbye to our beloved Airstream. Not necessarily a favorite moment but a big one nonetheless. So many great memories in the few short years we had her.
  • Volunteering with one of my favorite running programs, Run Girl Run. Coaching and mentoring young runners is such a huge passion and it’s an honor to be involved with this program.
  • My new tattoo! Which I LOVE!
  • New,  *real* running shoes for Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking. He’s been putting in some serious miles and will be running his first half marathon, the Youngberg Hills Half Marathon, in just a couple of weeks. It was high time he get fitted for a pair by a specialist.

A few random photos from my April adventures…

And now May is officially here. A super busy one at that. We are preparing for my daughters graduation from high school early next month and all of the activities that come with it, a few fun mini-adventures, and lots of running!

Happy May!!