*And the winner is…*

Eric W., aka, gymnut2008!

Congratulations, Eric! Please email me at hylaridenour@yahoo.com so I can send you the code for your free entry into any open heat (non-confirmed start time), Reebok Spartan Race in the continental US!

Didn’t win? How about 10% off as my way of saying thanks for playing! Use this code: SPARTANBLOGGER at registration to receive your discount.

Also, if you’d like to save 50% of on the Spartan Cruise, (50% 0ff!!!), use this code: Cruise50.

I want to give a huge shout-out to the awesome team at Reebok Spartan Race for making this giveaway possible! And, another shout-out to my readers and followers! Thanks for all of the great tips and suggestions for getting Spartan Race ready!


Footnote: The winner was generated randomly using Rafflecopter and the free Spartan Race entry prize is being provided by Reebok Spartan Race.



*Spartan Race giveaway*

Step away from your happy hour beverage and make sure you get entered into my Reebok Spartan Race giveaway, pronto! The contest ends tonight at 11:59 PST so you’ve only got a few hours left!

I’ve really appreciated the great suggestions for preparing for my first Spartan Race later this summer! I’m also looking forward to checking out some of the recently released Spartan Up! podcasts! In fact, they have a big contest going on which runs for just a few more days. There are some great prizes so check it out!

Also, I mentioned the Spartan Cruise in a recent post (here) and just learned that they are offering a 50% off discount. No joke! 50% OFF A CRUISE!!!! Interested? You can use the code Cruise50 to save yourself 50%!

Get in on my giveaway before it’s too late! You can enter at this link: Spartan Race Giveaway. Good luck!!



*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of January 5th – January 11th

Total weekly mileage: 52.75

Total January mileage (to-date): 68.75

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 68.75

Run review:

1/5         No run/rest day

1/6         59:08 min./7.25 mi./8:09 pace

1/7         56:18 min./7 mi./8:03 pace

1/8         55:22 min./7 mi./7:55 pace

1/9         1:23:22 min./10.5 mi./7:56 pace

1/10       14:23 min./1.75 mi./8:14 pace (short interval sesh.)

49:42 min./5.25 mi./9:27 pace

1/11       1:57:52 min./14 mi./8:25 pace

This past week was a BIG transition week for me! The previous week I was uncertain about running Boston at all, sick, and only ran 28 miles. I was pretty much having a big-ass pity party! Fast forward a week and I’ve recommitted to my dream of completing what I started, threw myself into training, started feeling a ton better (though still not 100%) and got in some decent mileage, totaling 52.75.

Yesterday I executed a pretty good training run which was my longest run in several months. I realized afterwards that it was a culmination of my efforts over the course of the entire week that paid off! I cut out alcohol, ate super clean, went to bed early most nights, made time to stretch daily, and really poured myself into the lifestyle, so to speak. It was a pretty dang good start, I think.

Today is my rest and regroup day for which I’m totally grateful! (I’ve been up since 3:50!) This week I’ll continue to build up my mileage and work to keep the momentum on the efforts that I began to institute last week.

If you haven’t already, be sure to enter to win my Reebok Spartan Race giveaway!! You can enter HERE!

Have a great week and GO UO DUCKS!!!

*Spartan’s take over the world*

“Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life. Our events are all about challenging today’s perception of normal.”


YES!!! That is some good sh*t! (I especially love the “excited about change” and “challenging today’s perception of normal” parts!)

When I read the mission of Reebok Spartan Race, I couldn’t help but be drawn to their desire to help ordinary people reach higher and to do something truly extraordinary!

The peeps at Reebok Spartan Race are reaching higher too! They’ve outdone themselves this year with some really exciting things in store.

“Having experienced many different racing events, we wanted to make adventure racing more accessible to everyone, but do not be fooled by the word ‘accessible’, as our events have a challenge for everyone’s needs.”

In order to make their events accessible to everyone, they’ve added a new feature this year. In 2015, there are more options than ever to experience what it means to be a Spartan. For the beginner, there is the Spartan Sprint. (That’s me!) The Super Spartan event is for intermediate athletes. Advanced? There is an event for you: The Spartan Beast! Oh, and let’s not forget the cray-cray among us, (and they say 99.9% need not apply) is the extreme level Death Race. EEK!

But wait! There’s more!

Why stop at doing just one Spartan event this year when you could purchase a Spartan Annual Pass, which also offers VIP access to all US races, kick ass perks like travel discounts, and unlimited racing!

Or, how about a Spartan Cruise that takes you to a private island in the Bahamas for the ultimate tropical island Spartan race? How cool is that?! Part vacation, part epic obstacle adventure on white sand beaches. The Spartan Cruise is coming up in early March so if the idea of a weekend of racing in the Bahamas interests you, you can find more information about the Island Cruise here.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2015 Spartan World Championship in Lake Tahoe this October. The weekend-long event will feature all four racing options with over $500,000 in cash prizes being awarded to top finishers! You’ll find more beastly details at the aforementioned link.


Want to know more about the Spartan lifestyle? www.spartan.com has loads of features including podcast “Spartan UP!” from Spartan Race founder and CEO, Joe De Sena who interviews a wide range of successful athletes, authors, and more, to learn their secrets of what it takes to get on top and stay on top!


You can also find copies of the digital magazine, Spartan, where you’ll find useful information to help you get motivated, tips for training for peak performance, injury prevention, athlete profiles, and so much more!

Spartan’s are pretty much taking over the world!!

So, do you have what it takes and wanna get in on the action? One lucky Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking reader will win a free entry into an open heat (non-confirmed start time), in any Spartan Race in the continental US! To enter for your chance to win, follow this link: Spartan Race Giveaway to enter.

Don’t want to wait to see if you win? My friends at Reebok Spartan Race are giving Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking readers 10% off any race. Use this code: SPARTANBLOGGER at registration to receive your discount.

Contest ends at 12:00 AM on 1/17/15 PST. Good luck!

*F E A R L E S S*

Do you ever have a word that resonates with you so deeply it becomes a mantra of sorts? Several weeks ago I discovered a little saying with the word fearless in it sewn into the inner hem of a running shirt. Ever since that discovery, that word has become my beacon of guidance as I navigate this crazy-ass life. 2015 is my year to live F E A R L E S S!

Care to join me?

Let me give you an example of how I let fear keep me from doing something that I wanted to do but was, well, too afraid.

In May of last year I wrote a post (here) about how excited I was that I’d been contacted by the team at Reebok’s Spartan Race. They offered me a free entry (and one to give away to a reader). It was something I’d wanted to experience. The challenge of it strikes me as something that would dropkick me outside of my comfort zone and give me one hell of a test of my strength and will. However, it wasn’t enough to push me past that fear and I never did the race.

Lucky for me, the awesome peeps at the Reebok Spartan Race have give me another opportunity! They’ve been dreaming up some incredible new and exciting things for 2015 and I’m thrilled that they’ve asked me to share them with you! Plus, one F E A R L E S S reader will have the opportunity to participate in a Reebok Spartan Race too because I’ll be giving away a free entry!

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing more details about upcoming Reebok Spartan Race events, the 2015 Spartan Island Cruise (yes, I said CRUISE!!), the Spartan World Championship with over $500,000 up for grabs, and a few other fun things for those of you that want to join me in living F E A R L E S S this year!



*More, more, more… *

Just a few more.

Miles that is.

I’ve been cramming mileage this week. In part because I’ve had the extra time but also because I want to finish the year strong. I’ve already exceeded my yearly mileage goal so at this point, I want to know what I have left. How much more can I push? If all goes according to plan, today’s run will give me a 60+ mile week. A 60+ mile week is something I’ve been setting my sights on for a while but just couldn’t make it happen.

In the days to come I’ve got some fun things to share! I will be doing my year in review and I have a great giveaway coming up. More details soon!

Gotta run. No literally. I’m off to get in just a few more miles before I close out my week! ; )

Have a great day!

*Spartan Race giveaway winner*

I’m excited to announce the winner of my Spartan Race entry giveaway!! Thanks to everyone who entered and shared advice and/or tips on how to prepare for the Spartan Race! Well, except for the person that told me I need to do burpees. Boo! ; )

Congratulations to Gregory P.! 

Gregory, email me at hylaridenour@yahoo.com and I will send you the code for your free Spartan Race registration!!

Didn’t win? Sorry about that. But how about 15% off your entry fee? Click HERE to get your code.

A huge THANK YOU to the rad folks at the Spartan Race for providing the free entry for the giveaway!! Not to mention, my entry too! Follow along over the next few months as I begin training to prepare for the World’s Best Obstacle Race Series!

The World's Best Obstacle Race Series!

The World’s Best Obstacle Race Series!