*The madness that was May*

May Review:

Total miles: 152.75

Longest run: 13.1

Total days running: 26

YTD mileage: 1,008.25

Some of my favorite May moments included:

  • Celebrated 19 years of marriage to Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking!
  • Commemorating said celebration with a “Cheese and Whiskey” night. Richard Cheese (Google him if you haven’t experienced the loungtastic stylings of Dick Cheese) and whiskey cocktails made for a fun night!
  • Oh, and then there was a new tattoo…
  • Wine night with my office mate. Someone who loves wine as much as I do? Salud!
  • A fun urban adventure run with a running community friend. I even won a pair of compression socks!
  • The worst run in my history of running (exaggerating? maybe.) but I still really enjoyed the Hippie Chick Half Marathon. Especially the post-race mimosa!
  • A fantastic day of hiking and exploring Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood with my loves to celebrate Mother’s Day!
  • Watching my daughter perform in her last state band competition. I bawled the entire time.
  • Spending some time representing one of my favorite local events, the Portland Marathon, at the Rock n’ Roll Half race expo.
  • Running my 10th half marathon with Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking, which was his first ever race! Automatic PR for him and we both won first place in our respective age divisions. The Youngberg Hill Half Marathon was a beautiful, albeit challenging, race and one I hope to run again!
  • A Monday afternoon mini-adventure to my favorite place on the planet! Spending an afternoon relaxing in hot springs, in the middle of nowhere, is pretty much my perfect day.
  • Drinks with my mom! We celebrated a belated Mother’s Day with a girls night out with drinks and dinner!
  • A visit to one of my other happy places, the farmers market! I scored some peonies, bee pollen, Oregon hazelnuts, and a few veggies for dinner.
  • Witnessing both of my kids wrap up their band seasons with awards.
  • And finally, a girls weekend with my own girl! Her graduation gift was a trip to watch her coach/mentor/friend compete in the Crossfit West Regionals. Regardless of the sport, it is so inspiring to witness an athlete pursue their dreams. Not only did she perform well, she finished in second place (out of 40 female competitors), and secured a spot at the Crossfit Games in July. Such a huge accomplishment and amazing to witness her achieve her dream!

June has started out with a bang! The Crossfit Kid is now licensed to drive and graduates this week. Whoa!


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*Unintentional absence*

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working to *simplify* my life. Eliminate things… chores, responsibilities, stuff… that are taking up to much time, space, energy, etc., so that I can focus on what is most important to me and what fulfills me on the deepest level. So I’m absolutely baffled as to why I feel more unorganized and unproductive as ever!

Case in point. My website has not been getting the attention I wish I could give it. This site, sharing my love of running, is such a huge passion and while it is very important to me (and because it doesn’t pay the bills), it often gets pushed to the back burner.

That said, I’m not going anywhere, anytime soon and I’m thankful for my faithful followers and readers that continue to visit even when I’m absent. So THANK YOU! It’s a work in progress. As I continue to weed out things in my life that don’t serve me anymore, I’m hopeful that I’ll have more time to be present here.

Last week, I had planned a post-race write-up about my experience at the Hippie Chick Half Marathon. I had the entire post pretty much written in my head by the time the race was over. As much as I would have love to share an in-depth recap about that race, I’ll tell you this: I learned some very valuable lessons. I won’t go into as much detail as I originally planned but I will summarize my experience in an attempt to save you the same self-defeating pain I caused myself.

The condensed version is this:

A week or so before Boston, a friend offered me a free race entry. Not one to pass up anything free (seriously!), I signed up with the intention of taking it easy and running with her for fun. Fast forward to race day. On the trip to the race, she asked me (very politely) to NOT run with her. I get it. Her reasoning was legit and I respected her for sticking to her own race plan. But it left me wondering what the hell I was going to do. It was 19 days post-Boston. Do you think I was smart and stuck to my original plan to take it easy, stick to a slower pace, and basically just enjoy the event? Of course not! I lined up right where I would have had my legs been fresh and I wasn’t still in recovery from a marathon 19 days earlier.

I kept up with the 7:30 pace group for oh, a mile. And then I crashed and burned and hated running and hated life and hated sunshine and hated fast runners that made it all look so effortless and fun and pretty much just hated everything for an hour and 50 minutes.

Needless to say, not my best race. I will note that I cheered up when I got my free mimosa afterwards.

Barefoot Bubbly mimosa.

Some valuable lessons:

  • Honor your body and your body’s ability to perform in the days, weeks, and months after a major event. I was not ready to race. It’s different for everyone but do what is best for YOU!
  • If you have a race plan in mind, stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked into the energy and excitement of the event. I know I would have enjoyed it so much more had I not tried to “race”.
  • Due to my plan to take it easy, I did not prepare for race day like I typically would in the days leading up to the event. I ate poorly, probably consumed way too much wine, and didn’t take it seriously. Regardless of your goals, for the sake of enjoying the experience, treat the days leading up to an event like you would a goal race for the pure sake of making it pleasant.
  • Shake it off. (Shake it off, shake it off!). Once I crossed the finish line. I was over it. (The mimosa helped too!) I chose to not dwell on my performance and instead take note and learn from the lessons on the course that I thought were mistakes. It’s all a part of the process.

Despite my own performance, the Hippie Chick Half Marathon (they also offer a Quarter Marathon) is a great event. The weather has been nice all three years I’ve done it and I love the energy of the female-only event celebrating mother, daughters, sisters, friends, etc. This year was the first year the event was managed by the Better Series after purchasing several Run with Paula events and I thought they did a great job! (Especially because in years past they only offered a post-race beer. I much prefer the mimosas!)

*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of May 4th – May 10th

Total weekly mileage: 27.25

Total May mileage (to-date): 48.75

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 904.5

Run review:

5/4           No run/rest day

5/5           34:20 min./4.25 mi./8:05 pace

5/6           No run/sick day

5/7           42:56 min./3.98 mi./10:47 pace

5/8            49:31 min./6 mi./8:15 pace

5/9            1:48:55 min./13.1 mi./8:18 pace

5/10          No run/Mother’s Day hike

Last week was kind of a funny week. On Tuesday, I started to come down with a head cold so in an attempt to kick it quick, I took Wednesday off from work and running. With a race coming up Saturday (though I was already planning to take it easy) I didn’t want to risk a full-blown cold. It seemed to work… while I still was sick, it was nowhere near as bad as my last cold this past winter!

Thursday night I participated in a scavenger hunt style run sponsored by one of our Portland-area specialty running stores. A friend accompanied me for a fun outing and I even won a pair of compression sleeves.

On Saturday I ran the Hippie Chick Half Marathon. I’ll share more about that bomb of a race in a coming post and provide some insights that will hopefully prevent some of you from making some of the same stupid mistakes I made. Seriously.

For Mother’s Day, I opted to take the day off to hike instead of run. (Who am I?!) Perfect for recovery and soul-satisfying!

It’s a busy week for the Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking family complete with another half marathon coming up this weekend!

Hope you had a great Monday and your week is off to a stellar start!

*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of April 27th – May 3rd

Total weekly mileage: 36.5

Total April mileage (to-date): 165.75

Total May mileage (to-date): 21.5

Total year-to-date (2015) mileage: 877.25

Run review:

4/27           31:03 min./3.25 mi./9:30 pace

4/28           32:58 min./4 mi./8:15 pace

4/29           35:05 min./4.25 mi./8:15 pace

4/30           31:22 min./3.5 mi./8:58 pace

5/1             50:54 min./6.25 mi./8:09 pace

5/2             50:02 min./5.25 mi./9:32 pace

5/3             1:22:36 min./10 mi./8:15 pace

No rest for the wicked. Or the running addict. ; ) With lingering soreness after running Boston, I decided I’d rather do a little bit each day then take extra time off. I figured I’d be sore regardless of if I was out running or sitting around at home chillin’ on the couch. I ended up running 9 days straight and felt better each day! I’m still not a big fan of hills of any sort but happy with my recovery progress.

Next up: two back-to-back half marathons! I’m running both for fun and to pace a friend at the Hippie Chick Half Marathon this coming weekend and Mr. Wasn’t Just the Wine Talking at the Youngberg Hill Half Marathon the following weekend. I’ll continue to take it easy for the next couple of weeks and then start looking for some races to add to my calendar!

*Weekly mileage & goals this week*

Mileage for the week of May 12th through May 18th:

Total weekly mileage: 47.25

Total May mileage (to-date): 112

Total year-to-date mileage: 861

Run review:

5/12      No run/rest day

5/13      30:41 min./3.5 mi./8:46 pace

5/14       41:08 min./5 mi./8:14 pace

5/15      43:38 min./5.25 mi./8:19 pace **+3 miles**

(1.5 miles with RGR and 1.5 miles with my son)

5/16      1:22:03 min./10 mi./8:12 pace

5/17     25:15 min./3 mi./8:25 pace

5/18     2:32:21 min./17.5 mi./8:42 pace

Despite feeling that my training is a little unorganized, I managed a decent week mileage wise. I’ll tell you what though… I struggled a lot last week. I was really sore for several days following the Hippie Chick Half Marathon last weekend and just felt a bit wiped out in general. We had a few days that hit temperatures in the 90’s which tends to wreaks havoc on my training plans too. I’m surprised that my overall mileage didn’t seem to suffer though my sluggishness was reflected in my paces.

I’m grateful for the rest day today but I am looking forward to my training this week. The Vancouver USA Marathon is less than four weeks away now. I need two more long runs to get my mileage up as close to 20 as I can get and then I’ll be tapering again. Crazy!

My goals this week include:

*Start the week with a quality rest day and get adequate sleep/rest all week.

*Eat clean, nutrient-dense meals, focusing on portion control.

*Hydrate! More water, Nuun, etc., and less alcohol.

*Goal mileage for the week is 50+ with a long run somewhere between 18-20 miles.

*One speed work session. (Tentatively scheduled for Wed. evening.)

*At least two strength training sessions and one cross-training workout.

*Continue to help my son build his VUM Kid’s Marathon mileage.

*Weekly mileage*

Mileage for the week of May 5th through May 11th:

Total weekly mileage: 41.25

Total May mileage (to-date): 64.75

Total year-to-date mileage: 813.75

Run review:

5/5      48:37 min./6 mi./8:06 pace

5/6      37: 57 min./5 mi./7:35 pace

5/7       56:36 min./7 mi./8:05 pace

5/8       12:25 min./1.25 mi./9:52 pace (*Run Girl Run)

21:33 min./2.25 mi./9:35 pace

5/9      18:54 min./2 mi./9:25 pace

5/10   1:39:36 min./13.1 mi./7:36 pace (*Hippie Chick Half Marathon)

5/11    40:03 min./4.75 mi./8:26 pace

Yes, I ran 7 days straight last week. For one thing, I was trying to break myself of the Sundays off pattern I’d fallen into. I really want to take advantage of the weekend (and running partners that have Sunday mornings free for long runs!). ; ) Also, since I was tapering for the Hippie Chick, my mileage was really low the two days leading up to it anyway. It actually worked out great and I’m happy to be back to my Monday rest day. I think I’m going to stick to this schedule for the most part as I focus in on the Vancouver USA Marathon… which is (HOLY CRAP!) only 32 days away!!

Speaking of the Vancouver USA Marathon… I have a discount code!! If you are interested in registering and saving 20% off your entry fee, use the code below!

Use this code: HRSHVUM14 to save!!

Use this code: HRSHVUM14 to save!!

*A PR for Mother’s Day*

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!!

My weekend was wonderful and I hope yours was too! I am so blessed to have two amazing ladies in my life that we got to celebrate yesterday. And, my family made me feel so loved. I’m one lucky girl!!

On Saturday, I ran my second half marathon of the year, the Hippie Chick Half and Quarter Marathon in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The Hippie Chick is such a fun event and embodies the sweet bond of mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and girlfriends. The race route takes you through rural farm country and past fields of flowering crimson clover. Despite the threat of rain, it held off and temperature was just about perfect.

I had the pleasure of sharing the morning with my friend, Kelcie. It was her second half marathon and she set a new PR by more than 16 minutes! I’m so grateful that I got to be there to witness her huge accomplishment! Way to go, Kelcie!!

So proud of this girl!

So proud of this girl!

My goals for the race included finishing with a sub 1:40 time, setting a new PR, finishing in the top 10 in my age division, and the top 25 overall.


I’m really proud of my race. Everything came together the way you hope it does on race day. When we were heading to the starting line, Kelcie and I were talking about lining up according to pace. The “fastest” pace group was 7:55, right up in front. I commented to her that I didn’t feel like I deserved to be up in the front even though I was shooting for a 7:33-7:36 average pace. I don’t know why I said that. Or why I even felt that way. I’ll chalk it up to pre-race nerves I guess.

As usual, I started off way too fast. Which turned out to be a good thing because there were several miles that I could not seem to keep my pace under 7:40! The first few miles flew by. The course is pretty much all flat with just a couple very slight hills. There is also a section of the race that is a short out-and-back. As I was heading to the turnaround point, the leaders started passing by just after mile 8 (for them). I began to count them so I could get a sense of where I was in the pack. By my calculation, when I made the turn I was 24th, which I held for the last five miles. No one else passed me, nor did I pass anyone else the remainder of the race!

The last couple of miles are a little tricky because the quarter marathon merges with the half marathon. When the half marathon runners make it to that section, the quarter marathon participants are walking the event. Sometimes walking in groups that stretched across the entire road. I think it could easily be managed a little better by instructing walkers to stay to one side allowing runners to pass easier. I love seeing everyone out regardless of if they are running or walking but it just makes for some interesting maneuvering on the course.

Just like the Vernonia Marathon in April, I wasn’t paying attention to my overall time on the course. Rather, I had my pace displayed on my Garmin so I could try to keep around my target. It wasn’t until I made the last turn coming into the finish that I saw the race clock which displayed 1:39:xx. I was thrilled when I realized that I was finishing with the sub 1:40 I had hoped for. Not by much, but I’ll take it!!

After I finished I milled around and met up with a few people that I’ve been connected to online, but had not yet met in person. It was so fun to meet these ladies!!

I stuck around and watched the first few minutes of the awards ceremony but was starting to get cold so left before it was over. I was feeling a little bummed at that point too because I discovered that the race results weren’t accurate. From what I gathered by talking to a few people, some of the participants that had registered for the half decided to do the quarter instead. However, not all of them officially got transferred over to the quarter marathon which threw all of the results out of sync. While I’m happy with my PR and finishing 10th in my age group, the results placed me at 37th. I still believe I was pretty close to that top 25 but I suppose that’s just the way it goes and I need to get over it!


Festivities at the finish line!

Overall, it truly is a great event and I had a great time! A huge thanks to Nuun Hydration and the Better Series for giving me the opportunity to do it! Initially, the Hippie Chick wasn’t on my racing calendar this spring so I’m grateful I got invited to do it and am already looking forward to next year!

Official results:     1:39:36 /  7:36 pace / 10th place age division / 37th place overall